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Ideas for Business Applications for Occulus Rift

Level 2
Hi I'm Himi, I've been brainstorming possible ideas that are possible to accomplish in a business sense using Occulus rift.
I currently Work at Microsoft Technology Center trying to gain knowledge on the possibilities so feel free to inform or suggest ideas about anything occulus that doesn't involve gaming.

Couple Ideas I had already:
-Retail (helping shoppers)
-Interior design
-Flight simulations

Level 3

Yes, as a 3D Illustrator, Interior design is what I expect to develop (although I'm not a programmer).. but today SDK seems to be exclusively oriented on games. It's a pity

Level 2
I personally think medical applications will be the future.. surgery simulations etc... there is sensor gloves coming to the market soon that make it able to feel rain drops, so users would be able to feel surgical tools. the Microsoft holo lens will be a fun thing to develop for as well got tons of ideas for that as well..