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Ideas for a bachelors thesis

Level 2
Hello community,

I am soon to be writing my bachelors thesis and I am currently on the search for a suitable topic.
As I would count VR to one of my greatest passions and because I have already collected quite some knowledge and experience developing VR application I am planning on writing about virtual reality.

Because I am having trouble finding suitable topics I thought this might be a good place to ask.
I want the topic to be relevant today. So a VR developer might look at the results and get some value out of it for his current work. It should be rather technical than theoretical and allow for an actual implementation for study purposes.

As an example: One idea is evaluating whether realistic graphics have an advantage over stylized graphics on the means of immersiveness. Creating different environments and analyzing whether participants experience different levels of immersion.

I am really thankful for any suggesions!

Level 3
Very interesting!

Level 2
You think correctly, determine the topic of work - this is the most important thing.
The topic should be relevant, interesting. You should have enough materials to fully reveal the topic.
Writing a thesis and dissertation is a very crucial step. Therefore, it is precisely the choice of the topic of scientific work that needs to be taken seriously.

Level 2

I hope you got a great thesis. I had to write an essay on Virtual Reality too. It wasn't easy, but I did it. My studies are still going on and we already had a lot of writing assignments on different topics. I am very concerned about social problems. Such as unemployment, domestic violence and others. I decided to write an essay on one of these topics. But it was difficult to decide on a choice, as all topics are important. This essay depended on whether I would pass the exam or not. So I asked for help and they helped me with the choice of topic and the selection of material. As a result the essay was a success and I passed the exam with flying colors. The specialists were able to complete my task very quickly and I am very happy about it.
Level 2

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