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Lost Respect to Hillary and Donald Trump. Oculus has my Respect

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Support Trump, Support Hillary.  Who cares who you support cause no matter who you support, they either makes things worse  or much more worse.   Let me tell you something the whole damn system needs to becoming down.  The whole gov is not innocent and we all know it.  Why side with the same things that have not been working for us no matter who we voted for.  This game that is so called vote for your favorite party has not been working out.  So we are repubs or demos and etc........  How are we the United States when we have parties?  How can we be united if we cant stand on a common ground?

After I voted for Obama and after I saw other elections not just in the US get other people elected that were suppose to bring real change and have not.  I decided that what JF Kennedy was right about we doing for our country.  It is us that have to make the changes.  There is more I can say but you can leave me out of politics because it has not been working so well.


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Volunteer Moderator
Yes, VR awaits! My Python is repaired and there's a compromised nav beacon swarming with wanted criminals to deal with.

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