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Lost all respect for Zuckerberg and Oculus

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So, apparently Mark Zuckerberg is officially supporting Hillary Clinton, the sociopath criminal and liar. The FBI is issuing immunities to all of her underlings as of late. And Mark encourages Facebook employees to vote for Hillary Clinton, democrats. Apparently if you don't, then your job safety is in question. This is the literal definition of being tyrannical.
So I understand it this way, that facebook, thus Oculus, is supporting a sociopath criminal into office.

So, it's quite nuts that America has devolved to this level.

In my country you can advertise all you want your political affiliations without any consequences. Nobody cares. You might get a nice conversation at the dinner table, but the way people are flaming in America it's incomprehensible, it's like war, a civil war.


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politics sucks

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Not an Oculus hater, but not a fan anymore. Still lots of respect for the team-Carmack, Abrash. Oculus is driven by big corporation principles now. That brings painful effects already, more to come in the future. This is not the Oculus I once cheered for.

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Some say that both Hillary and Trump are actually lizard people so it doesn't matter who wins. The lizard people will continue to rule us.

Volunteer Moderator
Volunteer Moderator
Ugh, It's in the forum rules. 

Ok guys and gals I am not trying to block "free speech" I am a single party following the rules of the forum. Therefore I am closing this thread and the other one on grounds of political discussion.

I know some will probably issue me death threats now :), be gentle! 

Sorry folks!
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