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Meta account wrongfully suspended

Honored Guest

My Meta account email: (redacted) user name: (redacted) was wrongfully disabled/suspended. I would like to appeal for the wrongful suspension. I have tried many times and have gone through many rabbit holes to appeal for my account to be reactivated but have not successfully to do so. Please reactivate my Meta account. I can prove my identity and I can prove that I did not do any wrong for my account to be suspended. Thank you.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there @AccountRecovery, we would love to provide some information about this. For details regarding account suspensions, please review the email that would have been sent to the email on the account. Also, please be sure to review the Code of Conduct for Virtual Experiences.

If you are still having issues with an account suspension after a timed suspension has expired, please send is a PM so we can look into it further.

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