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My internet just got a sudden jump boost out of no where?

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I'm using AT&T U-verse (commonly known to have issues) but here's what I'm not understanding.

My DL speed is 12mbps and my UPLOAD speed is 0.75

Common issues with my modem are sometimes the connection likes to drop down to (5mbps download speed) but today it decided to jump up to 30-40mbps (I only noticed this because I was re-installing the Elder Scrolls Online BETA launcher)

After it jumped up to 40mbps the game downloaded within about 10 minutes (which was crazy fast) but can anyone please explain how my internet just got a sudden jump boost? I would love to have a 40mbps download speed.

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It must be magic.
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"cybereality" wrote:
It must be magic.

Good one, I'm trying to be serious here.
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I second the magic notion. I would suspect a Unicorn is in the vicinity in fact. They have an interesting effect on those sorts of things.
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An MMO beta client probably isn't the most accurate way to measure bandwidth. It's almost certainly not a straight download process. There are probably other places where the client gathers data, possibly even data cached on your system, if you were involved in one of the previous betas. Only Zenimax really knows how the metering that is displayed is actually measured.

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Connection are always 10 Mbps, 100 Mbps or 1 Gbps to the ISP. When you have something between, it's becose they are doing "trafic sharping". So, you may see a burst speed "over" your limit for a small delay.

Maybe the Sharping didnt kick in or was off for some reason.

I've noticed the same thing. Usually i download to 2Mb/sec maximum but with the Elder Scrolls online launcher i had a crazy speed.

Probabily is their launcher that is amazing :lol:

Of course you'll get a fast download of crap that sidelines people lives and minds.
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What the hell does this have to do with Oculus ??
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My internet usually inexplicably slows down, not speed up :lol: