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New MVP to the forum.

Hi everyone,

I am a new MVP to the Meta VR forums. I chose to accept this honor and privilege because I feel it is a great way for me to help make sure that VR heads in a great direction and keeps going full steam ahead.

I personally love VR and AR content. When the pandemic hit a couple years back and I was layed off numerous times, from numerous jobs VR was there for me so that I could feel good and jump back on the job horse, even though I did feel pretty down when that happened. So I wanna give back to VR as a whole.

The virtual world has afforded me many very amazing experiences and a lot of entertainment which I am thankful for. So because I am thankful I want to make sure that it goes far and is around for a long time to come. Actually, if I am being honest, it would be a great dream of mine if one day it leads to a full-dive system like the popular anime "sword art online" not requiring any implants. Well, minus the whole getting trapped part though! Heck, maybe even one day sword art online itself will be made and come to VR, or something like it. That would truly be a pinnacle of engineering.

Anyway, with that levity out of the way, thank you for having me in the forums and once again I am honored to act as an MVP for Meta and hopefully help facilitate VR to the next stage. One day I would even like to be a VR developer and engineer. Not sure where that will go though! I already have a moderate amount of tech related knowledge, but still have so much to learn, and tech is always evolving too, at a rapid pace!


Alright, well thank you for taking the time to read this post!

With humbility,



Hi @007xSlayerx007  - I think it's a difficult one to answer but what's your absolute favourite game, or app?

Man, that is a tough one... So far I really like Walking dead, however Horizon worlds is turning into a very cool app too. Although, if I had to say, I would guess it will be Hell Sweeper VR once it releases. Not sure why but, I have a really good feeling about it! 

How about you?

Out of curiosity, what about none-VR game?

If you need assistance, please send a PM to MetaQuestSupport!
My PMs are open solely to speak with users about video-games.
Feel free to PM me to chat about any game!

P.S., I can beat you at One Piece TCG and Black Desert.

That is also a great question! Well that would likely be either Witcher 3 or Elden ring. Personally since I like customizing my character in games to my liking, I will have to say Elden ring. The lore, gameplay, and combat in both games is spot on though!


What is yours, VR and otherwise?

I've re-played every SoulsLike at least three times, my favorite hands down has been Dark Souls 3, but I haven't had the drive to re-play Elden Ring.

I've loved Black Desert Online since it's launch a few years ago, lately all I've been playing has been Baldur's Gate 3. Fantastic game!

If you need assistance, please send a PM to MetaQuestSupport!
My PMs are open solely to speak with users about video-games.
Feel free to PM me to chat about any game!

P.S., I can beat you at One Piece TCG and Black Desert.

Hey welcome to the MVP crowd Slayer, always good to have helpful enthusiasts around, the forum is all the better for it! I don't seem to have lost any of my enthusiasm for VR and now very eager to see what wider adoption of AR adds to the mix... I think I'm more excited about this stuff now than I have been for a couple years.

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Yeah I'm quite liking Horizon Worlds too.

I think Into The Radius has been my favourite game so far.  I always loved the short experiences from a few years ago and one of them was Channel Island Suite - it's the kind of experience I'd love to be able to create myself.

I have never played souls 3 yet. Although that is only because my first souls game was actually Elden ring. I keep hearing that souls 3 is great though, so I likely will play it soon! Also, Baldur's Gate looks amazing to me as well, although the only thing that turned me away from it was the turn-based combat. The story looks like a masterpiece, however.

thank you for the warm welcome @DaftnDirect , it is an honor to be a part of this community and group. Also, I too am extremely enthusiastic for VR as a whole and am very happy to hear that your passion was reignited! I really do feel that VR is going crazy cool places very soon.