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Oculus Quest 2 Windows 11 Performance. can never hit maximum FPS with link cable.

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I decided to give windows 11 a go and everything on my PC is working flawlessly apart from one big one... Oculus Link performance. Before I go back to windows 10 I wonder if anyone has figured this out already.


Oculus software works fine and the Quest 2 link connects, but it can never hit the required fps settings no matter what they are. So if I have link set to 90hz, then in game it will be about 82-85fps and stuttering, it never hits 90fps even though the game says its locked at 90 on my monitors no problem, and I have loads of headroom in performance monitor (I have a 5900x and RTX 3090!) - If i use the 120hz option then i will get about 105fps but never 120. Even if i choose 72hz ill get about 65fps. super annoying.


I went onto the beta channel on the software and got the latest updates but still no luck.


I dont mind going back to windows 10 and i get windows 11 might not be ready yet, but literally EVERYTHING else on my pc works fine, only the vr performance, so its a shame. Any ideas of things to try before I reinstall windows 10?

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Just had to reinstall my windows, so I chose Win 11 final for the hell of it. Fresh RTM install. Can the issue OP is refering to still exist. 

I can confirm that this works. Thank you so much! I really didn't expect this to work.

For anyone having the stuttering on Windows 11 with Link or Air Link, Espionage's trick works. Stuttering went away completely. Running 90Hz in Alyx and Beat Saber again without issue. Seems like a strange fix, but it works.

Please review Espionage724's fix. This resolved the stuttering after Windows 11 upgrade. Keeping the console window open for some reason fixes this.

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I have trouble with lone echo 2 with quest 2 and Windows 11.


I try the method with the debug console, it seems working 30s and after I have again a lot of frame dropping.


Do you have a solution for this problem ?

Hey zektulu, thanks for reaching out! We understand that dropped frames can be a real downer on the gaming experience, especially with the exciting release of Windows 11. At this time, however, the Oculus PC app does not officially support Windows 11. Rest assured, our legendary engineering team has prioritized updating the Oculus software to fully support Windows 11 in the near future. For the optimal PCVR experience, we recommend rolling back to your most recent version of Windows 10 and keep checking our Community forums for updates on Windows 11 support!



When suddenly, with no announcement at all, Microsoft published Windows 11 with no Insider Builds whatsoever, Oculus "legendary engineering team" was surprised by not testing their software ahead of time.


Level 4

Well that excuse might have worked 3months ago but doesn’t work anymore. Windows 11 has been in beta for a few months and now fully released. How oculus have not fixed this by now I’ll never know. It should be right up there as the most important fix right now imo. 

I think CactusCowboy was being playfully sarcastic 🙂

Every dev in the industry knew that Windows 11 was coming and that the developer builds were available back in July to companies to conduct testing and prepare updates. I assume Oculus didn't start their dev work until really late OR this performance problem is extremely complex to resolve.


For those of us that chose to upgrade to Windows 11, I guess we have the option of a format/reinstall (not that I have any intentions on doing that). I do feel bad for those who recently purchased a new rig with Windows 11 and a Quest 2 for PCVR. They don't have the option of rolling back to Win10 and are at the mercy of the wait game


I have about 15 devices old and new connected to my desktop and hundreds of pieces of software, games, drivers. Oculus is the only thing that doesn't work. Even Virtual Desktop got their issues sorted out.



Level 3

Just updated to the latest Windows 11 for whatever reason the Oculus Link Lag has been fixed and I can now play at full framerate without the debug window open.