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Oculus founder claims he made a VR headset that actually kills you if you die in a game

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I was told on chat that the games made by oculas are made to be entertaining and no bullying, harming anyone would not be tollerated. I'm still new to oculas and I feel that the violent games should be safe and entertaining. The games are great the only issue I had was pokerstars vr keeps crashing when I launch the game. I found another game instead so I was happy until the recent website I found online and youtube video about this guy is making a headset that is going to kill you if you die in game and his supposed to be half way there thanks to millatary licence. I'm freaking out and ready to lose my mind over it. Can anyone help please. Here is the link:


Volunteer Moderator
Volunteer Moderator

Obviously it's not a real product, just yet another publicity stunt from a fired ex-founder who is obsessed with a crappy anime and wants people to pay attention to him. If he couldn't make the replacement CV1 audio cables he promised, he's certainly not going to mass market illegal murder headsets.

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I'm afraid if you are taking this at all seriously you should probably avoid almost all of the internet.