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Quest 3 order canceled no money refund

Honored Guest
  • Hi, on October 22nd I pre-ordered a Quest 3 but on the morning of the 23rd I realized that my order was canceled so I tried to order it again but this one was also cancelled, in the meantime my money was taken (I paid with PayPal) to this day the money has not returned
    308167135258714 order number 
  • So they took my money away twice and I still haven't received either order back until now. Help me plz


Exactly the same situation, the order was cancelled but not the payment authorization so no money no headset and only bottled response with no sense whatsoever. Looking at ads of cbd posted by bots on this forum I somehow doubt that anyone reads this. 


Did eventually someone contacted you and did you got your money back?? I'm in somewhat similar situation.

Nothing but I noticed that payments are pending on PayPal but I can't cancel them, but I read in the help section that suspended payments are automatically canceled after 30 days so I just have to wait


I have the same problem, PayPal staff can't do anything about it and meta support stopped responding. Also didn't get any response when I DMd support on the forums.


I had response from PM about waiting for the staff, the TEAM  support and what not. Storefront mentions Generative AI in their crm for client support so I suppose weird messages are all that, r u well and stuff. Also I was asked for my personal information without any in return, u know Gokul Xavier and Mich asked me hahhahahhaa. The default reservation period for authorized transaction without meta cancelling it is 30 day. And that it will expire. I wonder how long will it take for someone to cancel my, your and all the other transactions. Also I;m waiting how to buy te device correctly without Meta cancelling my order, it's this same team of specialist so I suppose..... idk they'll do nothing? In the first message from the support it's clearly stated that cancelled order cannot be completed, so it's waiting for nothing and being stalled by the potted answers. It made me very mad. 

Apparently they switched me over to some specialized team on Friday(after delay, more than 48h expected time). Only got basically same message saying there is nothing new, after that silence. I asked them if they even read my emails with the info I provided got no response