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Streetview app killed any advice

Honored Guest
I am a teacher and would use a set of android phones. I would qr code from Google maps a photosphere, but when they scan i set to open in streetview app. Using Google cardboard, the streetview allowed to split and active the gyros.
Well, Google killed the streetview app...even older apks won't work as they killed the back end too.
Using Google maps there is a tilt to view.....but NO VR split. Does anyone know if this is integrated into another Google map....or does anyone know if there is a work around to get VR using Google cardboard and the streetview photospheres?
While I love Google, so frustrating that they killed this app off as it was an amazing resource for teaching history...taking kids to museums (inside), historical sites, and just exploring geography effects on culture. Btw Google cardboard app is no as well.
Thanks for any help