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Tweens Safety

Honored Guest

Good day.  My name is Commissioner Y. Michelle Wilson-Merriwether aka @Diva1920QueenB.  I am Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Mogul Mindset LLC. Hive Productions Broadcast Entertainment, MWN Metaverse World Network & Mogul's Tween Leadership Club are under the Mogul Mindset LLC Umbrella. 

My staff of 14 & I have worked dilligently to provide structured safe environment for tweens 13-17.  We have successfully developed & implemented a curriculum based program of leadership and Entrepreneurship development which  includes class once a week with guest instructors.  Often we will average 100+ Tweens every Monday with volunteer instructors training on topics from building, scripting, testing, leadership, entrepreneurship, production, acting & more.   Our discord displays healthy interaction with parents as a requirement Our tweens have been recognized throughout HW for manners, etiquette, respect of authority and professionalism.  Two weeks ago, 5 unsolicited tweens, voluntarily presented their worlds during HW World Tours. It was a phenomenal moment!

We have created and implemented an SOP Standard Operations Procedures for crisis, conflict resolution and emergency for tween program.  The tweens will experience prom on 7.25.2023.  

My comment is around the lack of support my staff & I have received regarding threats against the tweens. I have just completed a round of 20 emails on the topic with Meta support and tried reporting through headset. I was told as last resort by customer support to post here

A world creator has admittedly influenced children to enter my corporate office to yell profanity and threaten tweens as well aa adults. This all occurred while I had real world clients in HW at my hq for the first time.


The world creator went live on Instagram and stated our program was a cult thus, we found ourselves comforting young children whom she had relayed this to live whom.were scared. It has been continuous unprofessional behavior that clearly  violates code of conduct. 

Reason? We are  sent a message via Instagram to my staff and I saying we were "weird"  and we were stealing children from their world.   I am at a complete loss as to why a monetized adult would be allowed to act this way toward multiple creators not to mention, to unduly influence  children to cause havoc and do their  bidding including asking children for money for a lawyer if they have  to fight my company. 

Written documentation and more support all stated.  

I was given no help regarding this issue. As it did not happen between us on headset, it was stated no findings. However, there were none to review


We were unable to reach parents of the children upset and unable to gain assistance. 

My team saw an immediate need and have successfully organized a great program. These Tweens are growing.


I would like to see action taken so children no longer are bullied or banned due to an adult's unprofessional actions and influence.

MogulMindsetLLC cares.

Thank you