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Video Game Characters: Who are you asking to dinner? (respectfully)

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Me personally, I'm gonna go with Mordecai from the Borderlands franchise. Who doesn't love a good anti-hero! I feel like our personalities are pretty similar, and sniping in FPS games is a strong suit of mine. I feel as if our conversation wouldn't be too interesting to others, but I feel we'd share similar frustrations and rants.




Another character I'd like to take to dinner would be Jackie Welles from Cyberpunk: 2077 (R.I.P.). Jackie felt like the big brother I never had, and he was gone too soon. The banter at dinner would be impeccable and I feel like we'd probably end up buying a few too many rounds together. 


I mean come on... Look at that smirkI mean come on... Look at that smirk



I feel like there is a lot of good choices, so I'm excited to see what y'all come up with! Feel free to post as many as you want! 😁

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There are tons of characters to choose from, but we all know that Pac-Man is the ultimate choice.



We could totally demolish an all-you-can-eat buffet if we teamed up.

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I think for me, the obvious choice is going to have to be The Courier from Fallout: New Vegas.



They survived getting shot in the head and being burried alive, managed to get revenge on the one who shot them, brought down cults, liberated the Mojave, became a tyrant, had their brain stolen, stole it back, and chooses to wash down their 300 year old Slim Jim with radioactive hotdog water. Needless to say, I don't think The Courier would complain if we hit up the dollar menu somewhere.

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I need to go with Princess Peach! Like come on Princess Peach: Showtime is awesome! She has leveled up with so many outfits, fights, adventures!! 


Girl power! She does it all in 2024! What more could you want!  

We are all mad here.

Magnolia. Call me an old romantic but I wanted to ask her to dinner and only had the option of going to her room without so much as a handshake. Besides, no-one else can pull off a sparkly red dress like she can... that doesn't sound right.


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I'd totally choose Lara Croft as my dining companion at a fancy restaurant. She's all about fish and gourmet dishes. 😂 Even though Tomb Raider is an old game, it's a super fun classic that I always come back to play.


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I would burst into bubbles if I could have dinner with the most villainous queen like Jinsoyun from Blade and Soul! Like hello? Best villain of any mmorpg I've played and she slays the house down boots!


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I'm gonna go with V from Cyberpunk 2077. Specifically them from the "Things done changed" ending. Hearing their experience from the start to this ending would have such a unique view on life. 


Considering V died once already, spent most of the game's time knowing that he may die in the end, and once you find a cure you realize there was never an outcome where you come out "winning." V's perspective on life has gotta be something super specific.


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I think it would be an interesting dinner with Sergeant Johnson from Halo. Think of all the stories he has to tell! Plus, he seems like he'd be a really fun guy to talk to.



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It's got to be Captain Price for me.  Spent a long time on COD 4.

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