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Video Game Characters: Who are you asking to dinner? (respectfully)

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Meta Quest Support

Me personally, I'm gonna go with Mordecai from the Borderlands franchise. Who doesn't love a good anti-hero! I feel like our personalities are pretty similar, and sniping in FPS games is a strong suit of mine. I feel as if our conversation wouldn't be too interesting to others, but I feel we'd share similar frustrations and rants.




Another character I'd like to take to dinner would be Jackie Welles from Cyberpunk: 2077 (R.I.P.). Jackie felt like the big brother I never had, and he was gone too soon. The banter at dinner would be impeccable and I feel like we'd probably end up buying a few too many rounds together. 


I mean come on... Look at that smirkI mean come on... Look at that smirk



I feel like there is a lot of good choices, so I'm excited to see what y'all come up with! Feel free to post as many as you want! 😁

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It would be David Martinez From Cyberpunk 2077 And Cyberpunk Edgerunners (R.I.P David) He’s cool and all But not to give out spoilers from the show It’s cool when he’s in his cyberpsycho Form in the show