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What can you do with multiple monitors

I know you can have half a game on one screen and the other half of the game on the other screen but wouldn't it be better to just get a 40 plus inch monitor/television ? what are some other things you can do with multiple monitors?

I prefer using the middle monitor in landscape and 2 side monitors in portrait. I forgot the exact dimensions but I think it was a 27 in the middle and 2 19s in portrait on the sides.

I have three monitors: one 1080p 144hz in the middle and a 1080p 60hz on either side. I use them for countless things. Some times I brows the web on one, watch videos on another and some other third thing on the last one. I don't use all three of them together much for gaming, especially now that I have a rift. I've had three monitors for almost a year now and whenever I have to use just one screen I feel like I have tunnel vision and I'm boxed in, lol.

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what are some other things you can do with multiple monitors?

Stack them on Oculus Boxes of course


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