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What do you think of cardboard ?

Level 2
Hi Guys !

I would be curious to have your feedback about cardboard.
I've just receive my kit today and test it with a HTC one.

What a disappointment, the experience was absolutely miserable ... ๐Ÿ˜ž
- Tracking was absolutely crazy
- no sense of depth
- miserable FOV

The only plus is that
- you have no wire
- you doesn't feel SDE as much as in DK2

On this one i was kinda ready to believe that Santa does exist , and that this cheap device could do the job ...
well i was wrong ๐Ÿ™‚

Maybe the experience is far better with a NEXUS 5 or 6 from google i should try that ...

Anyway if you have achieve good experience with cardboard i would be curious to know the App and the phone you have used.



Level 2
I thought it was quite good for what it is: a tiny taste of what VR brings to the table. It's a cheap, fun little preview for the Rift or other real devices. The lag and general lack of feel and presence makes it little more than that.

Level 2
"antsin3d" wrote:
a tiny taste of what VR brings to the table

I agree with that, cardboard principles is imo a fantastic concept as an intro to VR. As smartphone are everywhere, transforming your smartphone in some sort of small Oculus is brillant, especially to give the desire to get more expensive hardware like cv1. But tracking issue is really a major issue, and i hope things will get better in this area.

The lack of immersion is not that bad , but the fact that the image go wild without any integrity beetween your head movement and the 3D camera is really an issue ...

HTC one is not officially supported i had to try with a nexus 5 or a S5.

Level 2
I thought it was pretty good.