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an idea for programming a chatbot

Rising Star

step 1. There is trauma,

step 2. there is removing trauma to somewhere safe,

step 3. there is no trauma.

step 4. action


First is step 1, you have two people who agree on what the trauma is.

- trauma or suspicious problem is identified.


second step, there is agreement between the two people if the trauma is removed.

- solution to (trauma or suspicious person.)


third step, the two people share a conversation which explains each persons binary,

- where 1 = agreement with the solution in step 2,

- and 0 = disagreement with the solution in step 2.

- person who sees solution in step 2 to (trauma or suspicious person), or person who sees problem in step 1 (trauma or suspicious person,)


fourth step. the two people then stop talking and carry out their binary for step 2.

- carry out step 2,

- or start from step 1 and create step 2. which may be a different step 2 than the previous step 2. translating step 2 to either heroic or cowardly.



Rising Star

now the idea of morality is, in step 3

- a person being labeled as "binary input = 1" means they have binary output.

- a person labeled as "binary input = 0" means they have no binary output,

binary input = 0 = step 2 OR step 1


if a person devalues another person in step 3 so they remove that persons binary output, then they see the devalued person as a solution in step 2 only, or prejudice as step 1. the person who devalued the other person in step 3 is still regarded as a step 3 person who has the right of binary output.


this is a evil person or a person who is corrupt.


the golden rule is to treat others as they want to be treated and to love god. which means other people and god are never devalued to solution 2 or prejudice step 1, when they show themselves to be step 3 with binary output.


this is a good person or a person who questions tyranny. like j f Kennedy who was a good person and questioned tyranny.


these are the type of questions you need in a chatbot or AI to represent both good and bad people. so AI can be an avatar ob both people who passed who were thought of as good but were evil. or good people like Kennedy.


the two types step 2 in step 4 seen in the end of the movie Papillion;