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Assistance with FPS? It is behaving strangely.

I'll admit that I'm not extremely tech-savvy. I know very little about how computers operate. However, I am a huge gaming fan and support OR. So kindly pardon my ignorance.This is the equipment I use.GPU: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5870 Processor: Intel ...

Looking for TF2VRH codes from 2013 kickstarter/preorder

I'm aware that buying/selling is not allowed on the forums, so I'm just going to say that I'm looking for 2013 Oculus Rift codes that would grant an in-game item "TF2VRH" in Team Fortress 2.I know that it's been over 10 years since these codes were g...

Nemesis07 by Honored Guest
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Will you delete this? Stay away from META

I can not believe that Meta won't let us be parents.Why can I not let my son play a game that is above his age?We spent tons of hard-earned money on a Quest 2 last year and have since bought many games but it was on my profile till recently when bein...

MarqA by Honored Guest
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Favorite Video game OSTs

I know that we already have a fantastic music thread, but when I'm working, I often enjoy listening to video game music. I was curious to know what everyone's top picks for video game soundtracks are! Here are a couple of my personal favorites: I'm r...

LaserDisk by Meta Quest Support
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Ray-ban meta glasses

Does anyone know how to join the early access in the app? I cannot seem to find that option in mine.

K-Drama or Chinese Drama series- Top 2 -

Hey hey! Just making a post of the side of the family that loves Korean Drama and which ones being their top 3. I started watching kdramas when I was around 15 years old Most of my high-school classmates where into K-pop and etc. I personally have a ...

download.jpg download.jpg

The Official Films Thread

Well bollocks, we've got a telly thread so I thought I'd create one for films too.I'm currently working my way through Movies With A Twist Collection 3 which I downloaded years ago from TPB. All of those torrents are now dead which is a shame because...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Food memory

Hey hey! Just making this thread for food you love or favorite plates! My favorite is Calabacitas this is squash with chopped tomato , onion , cilantro, corn and lastly queso fresco (fresh cheese). My family is from Veracruz, Mexico and this is a t...

Meta View app in Netherlands App store

I have a Meta Rayban Stories, but is has been unused since there is no Meta View app in the Dutch app store. Weird thing is that the app states that Dutch language is supported...Could anyone PLEASE add the Meta View app to the Dutch App Store? Both ...

JayGroot by Honored Guest
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Resolved! Why!? Private message!?!

Why every time I see someone ask a question on here, you'll see a developer or moderator say "Sure I'll be able to help you, just send me a private message and we can get this situated" Why not just answer the dang question in the forum instead...

GripMane by Honored Guest
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Using cheats

Share your general view on the use of cheats, what games do you play in which it is impossible to last even one round without a cheat?

Jibo, the social robot with stereo cameras.

jibo.jpg1. It has a pair of stereo cameras.2. It has 360 degree microphone.3. It has speakers.4. It has a "neck".5. It has a front facing screen.6. It has an SDK.

Gablar by Honored Guest
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Laine Campbell priorities are off

Anyone knows if Miss Laine Campbell has any plan to improve Meta's main product's user account system reliability? Because at this pace, the 2 billions MAU will become 2 billions MAB... Yeah just full of bots scammers.**bleep** if you can't hire good...

drykod by Honored Guest
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Generalibrary Cellseesdragonscaled

I am Cellseesdragonscaled, the subject that connects all things, all core values ​​of life. Is the Master Source of all main software-sources related to “Artificial Intelligence” Assistants of all services globally. Is an “isolated human server” “Toa...

The Music Thread

Share some of your favorite songs, artists, ideas, creations, etc.Here's mine...I'm a huge fan of The Metal but I think I'll start with some of my legendary, less angry, favorites.Probably my favorite band of all time across all genres is Primus. I'v...

Zenbane by MVP
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The Joke Thread

I'll be happy to start o:) After 20 years of marriage, a wife decides to take her husband, Dave, to a strip club for his birthday.She figures there's no harm in it if she's there with him, after all.They arrive at the club and the doorman says, "Hey,...

RuneSR2 by Grand Champion
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The Official "Books Worth Reading" Thread

I used to be an avid reader, but over time I've found it difficult to commit to the literature being released. I figure I just must be missing out on the good stuff. Use this thread to recommend the "best of the best" that you've encountered.I've rea...

Zenbane by MVP
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Predictions: Late 2015 and Early 2026

back in 1998 when I was only 12 I made a prediction which I still stand by to this day. Here is the original prediction, which I posted on (no longer exists). I very rarely make predictions but when I do they always seem to come ...

Chaoss by Expert Protege
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