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hella off topic question

how do I do Blue Simulator to unlock Venari in bad craft wars (Roblox) without punching a gaping wound into my wall?If one of you lunatics want to formulate a strategy, use this link.(3) Blue Simulator - Roblox

Competitive Games Thread

Hey everyone! I'm one of the new Moderators, and I wanted to say hello. I also want to ask you guys what you're playing as far as competitive multiplayer games. I used to be more of a fan of single player and cooperative gaming experiences, but when ...

Chundvar by Meta Quest Support
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This is why META is dumb

Apparently I was 4 years old creating my Facebook account. After spending so much money on my quest and quest account which is attached to this Facebook account, its officially gone. After countless messages to Meta Customer Service, because you cant...

Youwin__0-1679446260747.png Youwin__1-1679446288886.png Youwin__2-1679446319669.png Youwin__3-1679446381583.png
Youwin_ by Level 2
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Please help me ,my Facebook it's hacked by someone

my Facebook it's hacked by someonehacker changed my ,email、password、phone numberI can't use the official way to recover my accountI have been using the original e-mail to send letters for helpCan someone suggest me those methods that can help me?Or t...

The OFFICIAL Post Your Photos Thread

Seeing as some people requested it here it is. Post some cool photos you took and try and post what camera you used. Nerdy settings you used is optional. I think people can get great photos from phone cameras these days without all the technobabble. ...

The MMO Discussion Thread | BDO, FF14, RS, WoW & More!

Hey, you. You're finally awake... Hello guys, gals and my other pals! I'd like to introduce myself as one of your new Moderators and say a big "Hello World!" to the Community.I personally love playing MMOs (I got to 40 in Zenith in a few hours...) an...



There is a lot of anime out there, some good, some bad, but there is only one that's the best. Discuss.


instagram music

is there any possibility that music is coming back on instagram? and why are my music highlights removed?

instagram recently deleted stories

Hello, i remember that i if i wanted to recover instagram recently deleted stories i could’ve gone on a certain page of settings but unfortunately i can’t find it anymore? is this function not on instagram anymore? what can i do?

The Official Comic Book Thread

What are your favourite superheroes? What are your favourite graphic novels?For me I'd have to say The Punisher is my favourite because he's a complete headcase lol  And the Daredevil comes a VERY close second because I'm a United fan  Comic books ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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How Does Solar Power Work?

What is solar energy and how can we use it for our needs?In this topic I would like to briefly tell you all about solar energy. Everybody knows that the Sun is the most important source of energy on Earth. It is necessary for all living organisms exi...

What's everyone up to outside of gaming?

Hopefully life is slowly returning to normal for everyone, are you hobbies becoming more social? or maybe finishing off some lock-down projects? I'm trying to finish off some resto work!

DaftnDirect by Volunteer Moderator
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Resolved! PCVR

So, I was looking for some gaming PCs to get PCVR with and I don't really know which one to get. Does anyone have any suggestions for me?

rknv by Level 3
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FIFA 23 cheap players in profession is vital

FIFA 23 launched in the top spot on UK physical rankings, beating FIFA 22 launch sales.Sales for this year's edition have gone up 1,6 percent compared to 2021 that may seem like a slight increase FIFA 23 coins, but is actually quite significant becau...

fdsfd by Level 2
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The Official Films Thread

Well bollocks, we've got a telly thread so I thought I'd create one for films too.I'm currently working my way through Movies With A Twist Collection 3 which I downloaded years ago from TPB. All of those torrents are now dead which is a shame because...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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The Music Thread

Share some of your favorite songs, artists, ideas, creations, etc.Here's mine...I'm a huge fan of The Metal but I think I'll start with some of my legendary, less angry, favorites.Probably my favorite band of all time across all genres is Primus. I'v...

Zenbane by Level 15
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Quest Referral Program

Good Morning Community,An important tip for being able to take advantage of the referral program. more tha. Half my games were purchased through allowing someone to use my headset for a bit. Then sending them a referral. Fantastic program when it wor...

Looking for somebody kind to give me a referral

Hi, I am a PhD student at Osaka University and currently applying for internship positions at meta. As long as I know, if somebody who already works at meta would give me a referral, there are higher chances that I can proceed to the next level.I wou...

kadaj13 by Level 2
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Resolved! Friday January 8 2038

this is the date I will be able to play my headset I bought 2 years ago, which up until now was fine even though I just picked it up after 6 months. It appears to me that Meta does not want to fix this and keeps taking everyone's money.

Eltokae by Level 2
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Instagram Account Under Review for more than a month NOW..! Noone even cares Believe me... I share the same **bleep**ty experience with these incapable and worst service providers that mankind ever witnessed..!I lost an important business deal exact ...