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Resolved! Friday January 8 2038

this is the date I will be able to play my headset I bought 2 years ago, which up until now was fine even though I just picked it up after 6 months. It appears to me that Meta does not want to fix this and keeps taking everyone's money.

Eltokae by Level 2
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Instagram Account Under Review for more than a month NOW..! Noone even cares Believe me... I share the same **bleep**ty experience with these incapable and worst service providers that mankind ever witnessed..!I lost an important business deal exact ...

The Joke Thread

I'll be happy to start o:) After 20 years of marriage, a wife decides to take her husband, Dave, to a strip club for his birthday.She figures there's no harm in it if she's there with him, after all.They arrive at the club and the doorman says, "Hey,...

RuneSR2 by Level 15
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Pyra Handheld Preorder Has Launched! Pyra is the sequel to the Open Pandora.Imagine a linux based laptop with dual core cpu, touch screen, back lit keyboard, heap of ports (including usb2, usb3, hdmi and sata), sd and micro sd slots.Now al...

kojack by Volunteer Moderator
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Butterfly Dream: Cinematic VR Screenplay

I was actually looking for something like 'the flower of life' expressed in the weave of a beautiful dream catcher, with a butterfly on top (presumably pollinating the flower of life) with some background waveform patterns or what not....but for now ...

cubytes by Level 4
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A real steal

I gave away my Oculus. I deleted it from my account, but I couldn't register it anymore. Sent for assistance, they haven't returned it for months. A real steal.

Resolved! Smash Drums

I have a question,I own a Oculus Rift S and want to know if it is possible to play this on this VR headset.I do not own the game but been wanting to buy it but each time I go to even try it saysIt looks like you haven't yet set up Meta Quest, which y...

More Info About Games

It would be better if it was easier to get more information about games and apps before downloading.This is why: Years ago I got sick of bad programming in games. And in about 10 years of playing games on a pc, it kept messing up and had to reinstall...


Many of you who are trying to develop an app is definitely not just up to creating and using it. Part of your main intention is to get your app noticed and downloaded from the app store. apksignin However, there are questions that would certainly mak...

Stream or record video from secondary account

Hello.Can I stream or record video from a secondary account? When I work from the glasses with a secondary account, the app does not allow me to transmit video to another device, nor is the "camera" option displayed in the glasses configuration menu....

jpa2023 by Level 2
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Resolved! Kuject battery pack

Has anyone here ever tried the Kuject battery pack for the M/OQ-2? Or, can anyone tell me what type of ‘hot swap’ batteries you recommend &/or use?

Oculus Account > Meta Account

From my understanding, if I don't make a Meta account by "1 January 2024 we will start deleting old Oculus accounts to ensure that we are not keeping Oculus account data longer than necessary. If you do not create a Meta account by this date, your Oc...

VR movies

Why are there no VR movies like, oh I don't know, maybe Avatar or Avatar 2,for example. I only have access to Dredd 3D and only that because I bought it for the old Samsung Occulus headset.

Setnakt by Level 2
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Quest link via cable with a GTX 1650?

Ello there, I am looking to link my quest to my pc via cable I have all requirements besides the GPU which I have a GTX 1650. Since oculus support failed to get what the question I am asking, I now ask on the forums. Before I waste my money on a cabl...

shadownotixc_0-1673022633685.png shadownotixc_0-1673023188077.png

lost use of paid for headset due to forced facebook

Why won't facebook/meta compromise with those customers who do not want to socialize in VR? Why can't they make allowances for those who didn't want to join facebook? A meta account to me is no different than a facebook account.I had a perfectly good...


HabitsThe word habit is pulled from the Latin words habere, which means "have, consist of," and habitus, which means "condition, or state of being."It also is derived from the French word habit (pronounced \ah-bee\), which means clothes.[11] In the 1...