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The sensor next to A/B or X/Y

I Modded my skyrim VR with the Lenovo Exproler, witch had more buttons on the controlers (Thumbstick, Cros/tuchpad, grip , windows button, menü and trigger). Now with the quest2 Controlers i don´d have enought.if i could use this field next to the bu...

Oculus Quest 2 Box

Hello Meta Community. I am searching for an Oculus Quest 2 Retail Box (Empty Container, Box Only. Water ruined the packaging of a Christmas present and I am not sure if it's possible to obtain a Box but if someone has one they'd be willing to donate ...

QUEST Ordinato ma non compare nella schermata!!

Salve, ho comprato recentemente ( Sabato 3 Dicembre) il Meta Quest 2, hanno preso i soldi ma non mi è arrivato ne un'e-mail di conferma ordine e ne compare nel profilo Meta.Non ho nessun numero che possa risalire alla transazione. Ho contattato l'ass...

Bifolco by Level 2
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Why is there no option to pay ideal in the quest store. In my country PayPal is kinda bad and credit or debit cards are not easy to use and get. Why does the quest store not support ideal?

Igmar3 by Level 2
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Saving videos

Is it possible to save a YouTube 3D video from the previously downloaded YouTube app on Quest 2 as a "favorite" or "bookmark" etc. to my Oculus library or elsewhere?

"Buy for a Friend" UX bug when no payment method

Idk which board this belongs on, but I signed up for a Meta account and went to purchase a game for someone else using the "Buy for a Friend". After you fill out the email address of the person you want to send the code to and hit the "Next" button, ...

Bjakes by Level 2
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Very bad among us vr room experience

                    Some of the players on among us vr are cursing and being very vulgar. The crewmate room was filled with players who were aggressive. They did this the entire time and did not play the game at all. This was their main focus- to be ...

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Fantastic fix to an incorrect price

This customer service is one of the worst in the world! I bought a game. It was on a pack deal so I bought the pack. It was supposed to deduct what I paid for the game and it didn’t.. so I reach out to customer service and that is where the fun began...

Pancake games worth playing Thread

VR Gaming renewed my interest in standard gaming. Before I received my Rift CV1 back in 2016, I was out of gaming for many years. I had a long gaming career with titles such as:WarCraft IIMyst, RivenStonekeepDiablo, Diablo 2StarCraftThe Thief seriesD...

Zenbane by Level 15
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cant cast my oculus 2 on phone or samsung tv

Hello, Today i bought my oculus 2...i ve been trying to cast it on my phone or samsung tv but it doesnt work. One of my friend who have a samsung tv in his house cased oculus 2 by reading this article but unable to do it. I am getting the correct ste...


Hi guys! I need your help! If you’ve tried the Gucci Metaverse, would you like to help me with my thesis?’s very important for me, thank you advance

sideload, side quest

Hi! I have 3 questions, 1) can we download free apps and game using sideload? side quest? is it allowed by meta or is it illegal?2) do we need VPN or any precaution for it? if there any risk of hacking virus with this process? 3) can ocolus ban / blo...

[Lecture] What is Augmented Reality?

Hello fella VR / AR enthusiasts. I gave lecture on Augmented Reality some time ago, introducing framework how I personally see VR/AR when developing different kind of systems mostly for industry. And since this community is on the VR side I thought t...

Cromfel by Level 2
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The Official TV Thread

Just thought I'd start a thread where we can all share what we've all been watching.I'm just finishing the fifth and final series of The Gentle Touch starring the lovely Jill Gascoigne as DI Maggie Forbes. It's a programme from the 80s and is excelle...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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The Official "Books Worth Reading" Thread

I used to be an avid reader, but over time I've found it difficult to commit to the literature being released. I figure I just must be missing out on the good stuff. Use this thread to recommend the "best of the best" that you've encountered.I've rea...

Zenbane by Level 15
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Ideas for bachelor thesis research questions in VR

Hello there, I really need help for a topic for my bachelor's thesis.The professor like to have the thesis related to questionaires in VR plus the ability of the user to have voice input to answer open questions. He gave even the idea of a experiment...

Oculus Quest 2 and gaming laptop

I’m currently looking for a gaming laptop that’s around $700-$1000 for using oculus quest 2 to play Steam VR game. Does anyone has recommendations for laptops? I don’t play it too often but may wants to play some games. It doesn’t need to be high qua...

Tilt Five AR headset kickstarter opens Five (formerly known as CastAR) have just opened the Kickstarter for their new AR headset.They've already hit over 1/6 of their goal in the first 9min or so.The Tilt Five h...

kojack by Volunteer Moderator
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Pavlov Shack Developers Fix The Vote Kick System!

It’s So Annoying How If there’s One Vote that says No but Nine Votes Yes They Still Don’t get Kicked Also Please Make it So if you Own the Server You Can Instant Kill someone without Needing Other Players to Vote Because One Time I Was Trying to Play...

Why Oculus doesn't have shipment to Israel?

I am an Israeli citizen and I wanted a quest/rift s since the release date, and I'm pretty sure that I'm not the only one who wants a quest or a rift s in Israel. Oculus, if you see this, add the option to ship to Israel please. WE ARE A COUNTRY!

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Received an invite to participate in a research study

Hi just wanted to see if anyone could confirm the email invite I received is legit. Deleted some items that included my name and location. Hello,The Oculus User Research Team wants to learn more about how people use VR and how we can make it a better...