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Best place for resources - 360 video player

Hi all,First post I've made here asking for help in relation to work (notice the change in how I'm speaking), I work for a Bluechip company. My role is developing internal software applications and intranet sites (mostly for reporting) supporting L+D...

Anyone know much about keyboards?

Currently using a piece of crap after my zboard packed up 12 month ago. My parents did not know what to get me so asked them to get a corsair vengeance k95 as was a good price (70 quid) Do you folk reckon a good mechanical keyboard makes a difference...

Fractal VR

Sort of a semi-known graphics designer, that has some interesting VR experiences. If you have Gear VR or whatever, check it out.

obzen by Level 5
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U Design ---- Try this out

Hey this is completely an off-topic and I really doubt how many of you will be interested to go through this. This is one of my favorite hobby...yes, I love customizing furniture's and accessories though online design tools. Check this's fu...

looking for the best 3d tv need help

hi as the topic says im looking for a really awesome 3d tv preferably lower then 1500 aud, ive done my research for years and bought 2 tvs for about 1000 aud each which was a waste of money because they turned out to be fucking china models not genui...

Gravity problems with the CV1?

Is it just me or does your Oculus headset and Oculus pointer constantly fall and hit the ground.I swear everytime I move .. I hear this Crash and Bang!Wired electronics are so annoying.I have my pointer wrapped around my chair arm as I kept dropping ...

Resolved! Learning VR development (i.e. Unity programming) without an HMD

Hi all,Do you know if it is at all possible to start learning Unity3D programming for VR without actually having an Oculus Rift?I cannot afford to buy one for myself personally, but would like to practice Unity development for VR so that I could appl...

hmiri by Level 3
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DK1 trade-up

It would be nice if Oculus would trade-up DK1's to CV1's for early devs who now have useless hardware. Just saying..

Get off your high-horse

"This thread no longer satisfies my conditions...'@LZoltowski It's a great burden to be in a position of power - and a great strain on the nerves as well. Perhaps you are a narcissist out of control, or your controlling needs can only be satisfied by...

Any UK Rifters Here?

Just curious as to how many of you are based in the UK like me? Still waiting for my CV1 but looks like it might be a couple of months yet 

BlueHire by Level 2
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Can I Watch GoPro VR app on my Samsung Gear VR Headset

I recently purchased the Samsung Gear VR headset. I have downloaded the Oculus App and such. I have also downloaded the GoPro VR app, as I work for GoPro call fulfillment. I would like to know how to watch/use the GoPro app with my Gear VR or is this...

Thanks for the memories!

We've passed the official deadline, and I was not chosen for the funding. I'm grateful for the personal/professional growth and friendships gained. The election results mixed with the news that I didn't get the funding made yesterday a rough day for ...

Political correctness invades the world of virtual reality

No we can't even escape politics or political correctness by retreating into our virtual worlds:ITEM: Virtual Reality Haunted House Shut Down After SJW’s Brand It ‘Hurtful’ to Mentally IllFear VR, a virtual reality Halloween haunted house at Californ...