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Oculus Touch for competitive use (Razer Hydra)

Hello dear forumMy name is Patrick Sommer and I am a top all around gamer here in Denmark, I have recently been using the Razer Hydra for competitive play (CS:GO, Overwatch etc. etc.), due to the Sixense Software (their own software) the right contro...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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The Touch, The Power?

Just a silly observation:When I pre-ordered Touch, I thought I'd do a FB-update with the classic You Got the Touch. But that got me thinking.The lyrics start with:"You got the TOUCH!""You got the POWER!!!"Nintendo named their hand-tracking system the...

is there an application for historical purposes?

Hi, Im Emilio and I am a professor on history. I want to buy an oculus this year, but also i want to know if there is an application with historical sites, monuments, etc. I want to show my students how was the acropolis or the coliseum, that would b...

MauRuiz by Level 2
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I don`t understand what is wrong with that company, I was waiting that nimble VR to be included in alloculus CV1, and what get instead DONALD DRUMK ?Did he ever tryed a VR headset at least once in his life like OBAMA? Did he found the kick starter co...

aminemo by Level 3
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Developers boykotting Oculus Rift VR developers stopped supporting the Oculus Rift be...

Aroddo by Level 4
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Thank You Sir!!

I would like to personally thank Palmer for supporting Donald Trump in this election. First he brings VR, then he votes to Make America Great Again! Good man. Trump 2016!!

Should've bought Vive.

Not for technical reasons. I just don't like supporting Fascist causes, dangerous demagogues, and their moneyed sycophants with my money. When I heard about his activities I hoped that he wasn't associated with Oculus since the Facebook sale. My mist...

Lost all respect for Zuckerberg and Oculus

So, apparently Mark Zuckerberg is officially supporting Hillary Clinton, the sociopath criminal and liar. The FBI is issuing immunities to all of her underlings as of late. And Mark encourages Facebook employees to vote for Hillary Clinton, democrats...

EarlGrey by Level 5
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I can't believe I supported a goddamn Donald Trump sycophant

Man, Luckey, couldn't you have expressed your support for racism and dictators a little bit earlier?Now I have bought your shitty Rift and I have to ask myself: If Palmer Luckey is walking piece of shit enough to endorse Donald Trump, what kind of cr...

Aroddo by Level 4
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For Palmer Luckey

Loved to hear your support for Trump!!! One outstanding characteristic that has made the United States so great from generation to generation is the constant developmental breakthroughs of new technology! Palmer, you will always be known as one of th...

Pablito by Level 7
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Custom GoPro Rig for Sale

Hey all, I'm selling my custom GoPro 10-camera Rig at a great price! Let me know if you're interested: ship or arrange for local delivery in NYC.

Game accessory companies need to show some love to PC

recently I saw a really nice display stand for psvr which is made by a game accessories company. If you want great accessories for psvr all you have to do is go to Best Buy. If you want a display stand or any other accessorie for the rift you need to...

jim1174 by Level 4
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Free Steam Keys for my game

I am a game developer, that also spends a bit to much time inside of the Rift!Just wanted to offer a few free keys for my game Rogue Harvest if anyone is interested - if you use one please post which key you used so others know it is no longer availa...

Dreaming about being in VR

I never had dreams about being in VR until I got the Gear VR. Once I got the CV1, dreaming I'm in VR became more frequent. One time I actually fell asleep with my headset on and had a dream I was in VR. Imagine how I felt when I actually woke up and ...

Kevinaki by Level 7
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need help w/ panasonic plasma 3dtv

my panasonic plasma tv th-P60UT50A has a is a 3d tv and thats what i loved about it cause when i used the 3d on it 3 years ago it was awesome. the videos poped out of the screen and u felt like u could touch it. now when i try it the 3d st...

what is this problem?

my panasonic plasma tv th-P60UT50A has a is a 3d tv and thats what i loved about it cause when i used the 3d on it 3 years ago it was awesome. the videos poped out of the screen and u felt like u could touch it. now when i try it the 3d st...


Hello, my name is Alexander Wikstrom and i just now woke up at 10:00 am on a Monday, September 5, 2016. And i Just had an idea from a dream that i had. i was trying to contact some one from this company but i could not find anything accept what I'm d...

Ideas for Business Applications for Occulus Rift

Hi I'm Himi, I've been brainstorming possible ideas that are possible to accomplish in a business sense using Occulus rift.I currently Work at Microsoft Technology Center trying to gain knowledge on the possibilities so feel free to inform or suggest...


Oculus -I have this idea of creating a 2-in-1 single use vrgamecare pack, that cleans my Rift but also cleans my face after use. In addition to offering a hygiene product, the packaging could serve as marketing surface for game or product promotion. ...

Research on VR

Hello all! I'll get right to the chase. We are a group of students who want to have access to an Oculus Rift to complete a research paper & research project on VR.Our idea is to assimilate VR into MODIHC(Model for Designing the Human Computer Interac...

Use the official Press-Kit in university work

Hey there,I'd like to know if someone here has information regarding the licence of the official Oculus (Rift) Press-Kit.I'm studying in Germany and I've used in a webdesign course this semester. Now me and my teammate have been nominated for a natio...