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Need Competition for Audioshield & Space Pirate Trainer

Only 3 of my friends have Vive's or the games that I play so I'm looking for some competition to aim for or surpass in SPT and Audioshield. Please either PM me your Steam handle or post it here or add robcram to your friends list.Let the games begin....

Virtual Reality T-shirts and More

Hello everyone!!I was looking something cool about virtual reality as t-shirts or some other gadgets and i've find out this really interesting page.It sells not only t-shirts but also pillows,smartphone/ipad cases and stuff.Check it out: http://www.r...

Welby by Level 5
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Haswell or Skylake CPU for my HTC Vive VR headset?

What CPU will work best with my Nvidia GeForce GTX 980. Haswell or Skylake? Keep in mind I just blew a month's worth of pay on my current setup plus the Rift so I'm not looking to spend too much.Right now I'm running an i5-2400. The cheapest of the i...

Awesome picture my friend took

So one of my best friends Cola is in the U.S. Navy and on his last deployment to sea he took this picture:I think it's just a really super awesome picture for a few reasons. For one, it's really pretty. For two, it's not contrived. He's not a photogr...

My computer doesn't function properly.

This isn't a hardware forum, but i guess a good portion in here know a bit about trouble shooting a computer, maybe you could give me some advice. My PC has issues on start up and many times it just starts up blank, the screen just stays black. It's ...

Resolved! I have 223 Visits what does this mean?

When I look at my About page. It says 223 visits. I feel like I've come here way more than that. Cybereality has 151 visits. Can someone answer this riddle? Is this the number of times you've been visited by the forum police?

Music to VR to (2016 Music Thread)

Discussion Title updated on 5/13/2016Post good music to VR to. Anything that you consider good.Enjoy the music that others have posted.(Thread subject updated on 2/26/16)2016 Music ThreadPost good music in this thread. "Good music" is whatever you de...

Jose by Level 7
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[Testing] Stylizing thread and post contents

This is just a thread to see what can be done to stylize or change the appearance of the text inside of a post.Please ignore this thread.Or if you're a CSS or web person, feel free to join in. -----------------Inline style:font sizespan class="post-f...

Jose by Level 7
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Update"insert here" ;

athole by Level 3
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Someones dad trying Rift.

A shame he can't really use his hands here, but he seem pretty excited :smile:

Sorry if a bit off topic but I thought I would share

Been researching music for a VR project I am considering ... and I came across this listOrchestral, Epic, Dramatic, Choir ... good headphones with a roomy bass recommended. (B...

LZoltowski by Volunteer Moderator
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I couldn't take all this VR excitement any more (I have a Google search alert for "oculus rift" sending me daily alert summaries to keep me hyped!) so I just registered the domain What do people reckon, cool or pants?p.s. waaaaaaiii...

Rift Kickstarter edition

I am KS backer #43** from germany. Still nothing information about the delivering date or something. There other KS backer without a rift?

VR Face

So after 4 hours into the rift CV1 my eyes and forehead took quite a hit  I took a selfie just to find myself totally exhausted. How does vr affect your general face, eyes, forehead area?

Oculus buy at Best Buy !

Whats going on my order been held back another month and im hearing that you can buy at best buy !! What the !! Not very happy .

3D photos

On my wish list for VR is 3D photos, like what was available for View Master when I was a kid.

geostud by Level 2
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Pyra Handheld Preorder Has Launched! Pyra is the sequel to the Open Pandora.Imagine a linux based laptop with dual core cpu, touch screen, back lit keyboard, heap of ports (including usb2, usb3, hdmi and sata), sd and micro sd slots.Now al...

kojack by Volunteer Moderator
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Just play OverWatch while waiting

I'm from Canada, and when i placed my order it says the estimated shipping date it's not until August. Hey since we are going to wait anyway we should just play OverWatch 

What would you want out of a virtual world?

Hi I'm doing some lightweight research for a paper on socialization in virtual spaces. I'd love if you could fill out this survey (it's 4 questions and takes less than 5 minutes!) Thanks!!

Why was SAO picked for first mmo?

I just think that culturally it's very controversial.I know Palmer is a big supporter of SAO but them folks at IBM Japan are NUTS for letting the proposal go through if the Rift do not have enough controversy already.was...

May resell asap.. if it's not what I expected.

Based on the current customer experience and some great reviews and lackluster reviews When I receive it...If this doesn't really put in cockpit of my plane or driving sim.. I'm waiting for the next version or better experience.

OccUpied by Level 5
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Texas State Parks looking for a little help

Hello Everyone,I am a Park Ranger with Texas Parks and Wildlife Department who is looking for a little help with a project. Specifically, I am looking for help with acquiring the hardware for the project. If anyone has a DK2, Samsung Gear, or (and I ...

Harp0 by Level 2
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Want to review VR apps? I'll pay you for it.

Hi all! (I hope posting a job offer doesn't violate any rules for the forums.)I run a blog for VR reviews, but I'm not keeping it updated. So I want to hire someone to write at least twice per week. Everything from reviewing various VR apps to writin...

A0A0A by Level 2
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did my last post make it

I didn't see if my last post made it about using vr head sets to treat schizophrenia by allowing for example me to wear a camera on the front of the head set and anyone sees what I am seeing and puts a check mark when I act normal and an x when I act...

Underwater filmmaking

Wassup guys!Could you explain me differences between filming underwater with this rig and questions is that in description of f360 explorer is writt...

Somebody going to Do Good Data 2016 in Chicago?

Hi!As a tech lover, I've been attending this "Do Good Data 2016" event for a while and next week is the next one. I'm going with some work partners, taking a shared O'Hare airport shuttle straight to the event (and saving some bucks as well haha..) a...

ecrules by Level 2
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Corel 12

I need Corel 12 crackLike this one - Corel 12 crack

VR - the delights of machine translation

“FOVE’s unseeable cameras steps their pupils and trademarkthe slightest movements. The last name FOVE resonates with fovea, the eyelid’slilliputian middle answerable for our sharpest imaging. The bait has a beamy100o curtilage of survey along a 5.6-i...