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Mining Cryptocurrency..?

Just wondering if any of you have tried doing this..?Some of you may have noticed that AMD some Nvidia GPU prices have gone up and stock is low. This is primarily down to Cryptocurrency miners building machines to mine Cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Ideas for a bachelors thesis

Hello community,I am soon to be writing my bachelors thesis and I am currently on the search for a suitable topic.As I would count VR to one of my greatest passions and because I have already collected quite some knowledge and experience developing V...

Hey Oculus

If you want to give me a discount give it for at least 1 month, not when i am out of money XD

haszyk by Level 2
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Google Translate is hilarious

I just watched a video showing how to sort out the full ink overflow pads in my Canon printer. It was in Spanish.I got the transcript up (in Spanish) and copied it to Google Translate. This is what it gave me:to kill the drought did not presentsearch...

Nhung dieu ke toan can luu de tranh sai sot khi ket toan cuoi ky

Kế toán sẽ có rất nhiều công việc cần phải làm cuối kỳ. Ngoài ra, cần lưu ý đến các công việc sau đây để giảm thiểu những thiếu sót không đáng có như sau1. Công việc đầu tiên của Kế toán thuế cần phải làm- Kê khai và nộp thuế môn bài vào đầu năm + Th...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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I'm banned from Facebook so what do I do?

So any purchases I've made vanish? I cannot use Oculus ever again? Cause whenever I try to make a second account they somehow know it's me and stop it. Why can't we just have the account system that works fine as it is? Facebook, Twitter... all these...

Quest The current best way to experience 3D and 180/360 VR

Edit: After finding out that almost all 3D and VR services has been suspended from everything but streaming on Youtube. The only currently supported devices are now Oculus and cardboard VR and smart TV's using YouTube streaming app. I'm aware there a...

ohgrant by Level 9
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Return the oculus logo

petition to return the oculus logo instead of the meta logo on quest 2? Something about the oculus logo being there was just kinda inviting. Now I’m just like “ah, well that sucks, it’s meta now”. Am I alone or does anyone else share my grievances?

People should know

I don't understand how a company can have such terrible customer service! There is nobody to talk to and it takes months for issues to be resolved, i don't know how this isn't all over social media. People need to know how terrible they are

Unable To Save Streams On Twitch

Hello friends. First of all, I would like to say that this is my first post on this forum. I'm a new user at Twitch. For a couple of days, I'm having an encounter. That is, I can't save streams on Twitch to watch these offline. Can anyone help me wit...

Looking for a job

Hello. My name is Alexander. I am 31 years old. I am a refugee from Belarus. I live in Poland now. I have a wife and a small child. I am a professional musician. I play bass guitar, guitar, piano, sing. I compose music.I love movies and games, but mo...

Random Question

Question for OculusWhat does Oculus (Meta) think about PCVR and is revive? The reason why Oculus doesn't make the rift headset anymore. I mainly used the quest 2 before I got my Index for PCVR. I ask this because I would love to see another rift HMD....

i made a sarcasm detector in python 3

the code is in github here is the video of the code and a demo; GitHub - dothehokiepokie/mystuffyouknow: my stuff i read about darpa making a sarcasm detector so i tried today too.

Robot Restaurant would love to go to Japan.>;{}Apologies not sure how to embed videos. :cry:

Logged out

When i wanted to play some vr it gave me an error and all my games and friends were gone, when i went to the Oculus app it said i was logged out and i had to log in again, but my password doesn't work Can anyone help me pls

VR Furniture

Someone needs to design the perfect VR furniture. Yes a regular office chair may be sufficient but there are larger chances of crashing into things with your knees and arms. But if you just get a stool your balance can go off and you can fall to the ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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How to add music to PowerBeatsVR???

How to add music to PowerBeatsVR???I spent the past hour trying to figure this out. I tried to find a Youtube video showing how with no luck. I have my desktop computer with my Itunes music in it I purchased a cable that plus from USB to headset and ...

The amount of immature children on VR is unbearable.

I hardly go in online games on the Quest for this main reason. Is it just me who doesn’t appreciate the amount of preteens/children in online VR spaces? I have nothing against kids using a quest, but some of them are just soo young and immature, its ...

kikisea by Level 2
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There is no such thing as "there is no such thing"

Philosophy!During Pandemic 2020, I've been able to get caught up on all sorts of reading. I recently re-visted the old favorite subject of Philosophy, and came across a fun list:

Zenbane by Level 15
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Oculus Air Link doesn't show in the Oculus App.

When I go to the beta tab in the Oculus app, it doesn't show Air Link, I've tried disabling and enabling the Public Test Channel, I checked after disabling the Public Test Channel, and once I've reinstalled the Oculus app. What could I do?