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Assistance Regarding HDMI Ports

Good day VR peoples!I am having some potential issues.See I only have two technical HDMI ports. (One on video card, and the other with a DVI) I'm going to be needing three at least. (One for Vive one for Rift, one for Monitor)Any suggestions or ideas...

Vallie by Level 4
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I need a new job :[

It's been happening more and more frequently. Today I woke up on the wrong side of the road after having a short "dream" that I was about to hit another card head on. I did manage to get to my other site fine, but upon arrival, I passed out for a cou...

saviornt by Level 4
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just got my dk2 but sdk runtime crashes.

When I try to run the demo room just to set it up the runtime gives me an error and then crashes any help I have updated the firmware and everything is plugged in. If i use catalist controll panall and extend my desctop I get an image on the rift so ...

Techtic by Level 2
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Sales policy in EU and others...

Hello, i want to ask about the Oculus Rift distribution in the EU.Already you have contractual agreements with some major companies engaged in IT distribution? What distribution policy will apply.. Thanx for answer Cybereality

Dejv by Level 2
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Brazilians with Oculus VR

I would like to know what Brazilians are involved with the Oculus VR. I believe it is important to maintain a national community (Brazil) for the discussion on the projects.Let's share the addresses and email, linkedin and others to keep informed. Wh...

Yet another "zombie creator" found in wildlife ... o-zombies/A wasp that turns cockroaches into zombies. Nice. I wonder if the science has been weaponized yet. Its not like a weaponized NBC product such as anthrax has ever been mistakenly sent out into the ...

Odd request

I have an odd request to make... see, I'm looking to play a prank on someone, and I need an Oculus Rift box. Long story short, I'm going to send it to him, but inside the box will be a Nintendo Virtual Boy. I think it's gonna be hilarious. I don't su...

Questionnaire about VR and AR for my research

As I mentioned before, I am currently writing my bachelor thesis about VR and AR and related business potential. (Ofcourse, I will also cover the Rift.) For my research, I prepared a questionnaire. I want to ask people on this site this questionnaire...

What (or who) is your favorite VR Theory / Text / Designer?

What (or who) is your favorite VR Theory / Text / Designer? What really helps you design (frames your approach - defines the problems you want to solve) ... personal takes here are fine - BUT, I'm compiling a list of (published/peer-reviewed) stuff a...

sguynup by Level 2
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Valve's OpenVR SDK released ... 2499750866 is the non steam dependent part of SteamVR)It comes with windows (32 and 64 bit), linux (32 and 64 bit) and osx (32 bit) libraries.The documentation ...

kojack by Volunteer Moderator
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Lawnmower Man - From The Inside

For many Virtual Reality fans, the 1992 movie, "Lawnmower Man" set their imaginations on fire; and still gets mentioned on most of the web sites that discuss Virtual reality, as being one of the first of such movies that got them hoping for this type...

Real life super human abilities through techology

Just brainstorming for potential future of what we as humans could achieve short term and long term, and thinking of most lilkely versions like near sonic speed or extreme stream like exo suit style, any more comments would be awesome and to generate...

Simulate a 'connected' rift to try PC demos on cardboard?

Hi all,I'm eagerly awaiting the consumer rift like everyone else, and will be among the first excited to place an order. But until then, it would be great to have a simple, early try of the PC demos/games - streamed to my phone, for use with Cardboar...

Fixing the california drought for $100m?

I was reading an article that spoke about the California drought.It spoke of the problem originating from a 1000 mile wide, and 90 meters deep 'blob' of hot water. this 'blob' is located off the coast of California, apparently.I've only been aware of...

KBK by Level 4
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The worst part of waiting is not knowing..

I'm getting very tired of waiting. I've been pretty patient but I'm like... beyond despair, losing interest.Worst part of it is that you don't hear anything from Oculus anymore. The Crescent Bay is all they ever show, and it's from Sept 2014, that's ...

largest known structure in the Universe.

Thought this might interest a few people, 1.8 billion light years wide finally something bigger than my Ego.  >;{}

How to set profile pic in this forum?

Just as the topic asks. How do you add a picture to your profile here in the Oculus forums. I tried looking in my profile settings, but there isn't an option. Thanks

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Wearality SKY: Limitless Virtual Reality (VR)

Wearality Sky has launched their Kickstarter campaign: ... mitless-vrI'm not sure what to think about it. With mobile solution like this it makes me wonder how headtracking will be solved without any extra senso...

kondrak by Level 4
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post your thoughts on this

watch this then post what thoughts come to your mind about it, id be interested to hear peoples thoughts on it. If you cant spare the few minutes, also posted images on it which you can quickly scroll through but the video is pretty nice for you to e...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Bootcamped win8 on macbook

I have a problem running games with my Oculus as I am on bootcamped Win8 from my Macbook..My problem is, that my max resolution is 1280x800, are there any way to force the games to run 1920x1080 in windowed mode (or fullscreen, I dont care) I also do...

shadie by Level 3
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Attaced and removed repeat forever

Hi,I try to connect the Oculus DK2 to iMac(27-inch, 2013 late) with Converter(Planex PL-MDPHD02).At One time it looked as if they were successful,but 2 minutes passed it removed ,and 5 seconds passed it attached ,and 2 minutes passed it removed,...Sa...

landm by Level 2
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Walking again with only one crutch!

WOOHOO! Virtual drinks are on me!After almost a year of recuperating, I'm finally down to using a single crutch to walk! At this point in my rehab it's all about retraining my brain. My leg is now strong enough to support my weight, but my brain stil...

VizionVR by Level 8
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I never once received an email from CompTia.. ever, that is, until I get my basic certifications out of the way. Two months after getting the three certs, they are constantly emailing me asking me if I would like to save $100 on them.. double ya tee ...

saviornt by Level 4
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So much to do, so little time & money to do it

Just a little rant, nothing big:- I registered for WM forums, and haven't yet gotten authorized.. it's been a week now. I have a few suggestions for WM3 that I believe would make this program a definite "must-have" in heavy industry use.. even more t...