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Could the dream of VR end with Moore's Law?

OK Moore's Law is nearing it's physical limitations. You can only make working transistors on silicon down to about 5nm, after that strange quantum effects kick in and the super thin wires heat up and burn out or don't last as long.And Moore's Law ha...

Arowx by Level 3
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A discussion on future jobs.

Now we all like the oculus rift but thats more so the best competitor. If there was something called not rift and was 100 times better, we'd love it more. I've seen a lot of people (myself included) that wants to get in on this market/experience. So,...


Who's the site's admin? You locked my thread??

Makeshift Oculus Rifts?

So I am looking at the google plastic or cardboard virtual reality stuff I thought it was pretty neat to have an Oculus Rift before it was released. I turned my way to google and there they are they remind me of a makeshift oculus rift I wanted to im...

Under 1000$ 3D Printer choice

I need some help from people who have some good understanding of 3D printers. I want to put some of my prototype boards in case and 3D-printing it will be the easiest option. I have an access to a university's 3D printer, but you have to sign up for ...

If you and your ex-girlfriend...

If you and your ex-girlfriend were the only people left on Earth, what would you two do? Make sure to keep in mind that you two are responsible for repopulating the world and rebuilding a society.

A true story

When I was 19 I told this girl that I liked her.She told me that I wasn't good enough for her and that she'd never go out with me in front of her friends.I didn't swear at her norDid I hit her

First Proposal via Oculus Rift Maze Unity 3D & Oculus Rift, I created a maze with images & videos from my girlfriend's favorite things! She had no idea what was waiting for her at the end. Non profit, no copyright intended

I have SDK for Ubuntu 12.04LTS

last week someone asked for an SDK for Ubuntu. Well I have it, but not sure where I can upload to make it available to you all (or thouse who need it). Any info/help on this would be great. I have it in a .deb installation package all ready to go, bu...

Oculus Rift logo proposal (better proportions)

I propose change in Oculus logo design proportions.Here's link under Creative Commons licence: graphic:

Fober by Level 2
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I'm going Oculus mad

I'm going oculus mad, I'm always looking for oculus news, when they are going to release, what's gonna come with the oculus, everything to do with oculus

A few noob-ish questions

Is the DK1 really that bad? I'm getting one, and I'm wondering if I'll still enjoy it. Also, how real does the oculus feel? Also, what are some free beginner games you recommend that are compatible with the DK1?

Bring Oculus Rift to Brazilian Universitys

Hello all, i'm a representant of Technologies Directory of a well-know university in Brazil called Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie.We really want to bring an Oculus Rift's representant to show Oculus Rift technologies to our students.I want to k...

Some assistance in picking a college.

Hi, I'm new to the community and was hopping for some advice.Like almost every one here the rift has left a large impression, however do to my current occupation I didn't feel as if I had the time to do anything more than wait for the consumer versio...

N0pearce by Level 2
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Hello, i just wanted to ask if the oculus dk2 is going TO work in a mac book pro. I ask this because mac doesnt have a hdmi entrance but you can buy an extention to get it. Thanks 

Realistic as hell Temple of Time made by fan.

Has anyone seen this fan who made an entire realistic remake of the Temple of Time if Zelda was on the PC then this is how the game would look for the Oculus Rift XD if only Lol but he'd probably be sued if he did that and it would probably take up a...

Android VR app to DK2

I tried quite few Android VR Apps with a google cardboard-like headset and was very impress by the experience.That gave me the idea to try to run theses VR apps to my DK2.My first try is by using SamsungSideSync and mirroring my GalaxyNote3 to the DK...

What's your strategy for consuming Rift news?

I realized I spend a lot of time trying not to miss anything (here, reddit, elsewhere). Wondering if I could be doing it differently? This is my process for consuming news here on these forums:1) Login2) Forums3) Hit "View unread posts".4) Go back a ...

drash by Level 7
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Oculus Rift DK2 Display Is Sideways

I have looked through the forums and found tips to fix this problem. I haven't got it fixed an I am very confused on what to do. Please help if you can. Thanks!

max365 by Level 2
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Final Fantasy 13...

I couldn't get into playing it when I first got it. I put on the Rift....sat back.... yeah... I finally remember when I used to love gaming... and why. Leftfordead 2 was fun when you just used the baseball bat and smashed em face to face, just made i...

Bizwald by Level 2
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High Resolution 360 video

Hi AllYour recommendations for a rift app to show my high rez 360 videos. I'm seeing nice apps which can play 2048 width on 1024.. looking for a player that can open much larger files, preferably 4000 pixel wide or 8K.. any ideas?

Eye Tracking Upgrade Package for DK2

I didn't know this was available. I'm sure it's great for a lot of things but all I can think about is using it to slew the gun in a combat heli sim to wherever you look.

Do you think the OR is more dot hack or SAO?

Alright so I think a lot of people don't know what NerveGear is compared to VR Glasses in a similar way I think the Oculus Rift represents dot hack because Nerve Gear was more of a helmet rather than goggles. If you've played the dot hack IMOQ they h...

Waving not Drowning!

This is looking like one of the last posts I will be making here at OVRF for the coming future.As one of the supporting posters on the forum since the beginning I am sure my posts will not be missed by some, though I wanted to thank those that suppor...