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Is this user research study a scam?

Received this email:Thank you for your recent purchase of Quest 2!We are looking for people 18 years or older to participate in a 90-day research study starting October 14, 2020 and ending January 15, 2021 so we can learn about your initial experienc...

Liasfur by Level 2
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VR helping my Depression.

Ok, I’m not crazy. I’m a 50 year old gamer have had every game console since Atari, and am new to VR. I have had bad depression the last seven years. As well as an anxiety disorder all my life. I’m on anti-depressants for years, have a therapist, and...


Oculus should team up with Amazon to sell VR apps. They can call it oculus're welcome. 藍:hundred_points:

theis2 by Level 2
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1 Arm Amputees

I only have 1 arm so which games can I play? I've looked and can't find them. Please help

evanador by Level 2
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Anyone else used to hate Oculus?

I hated Oculus for no reason(kinda like how we all hate that one spoon in our house). I think I started to like them when they released the Rift S(i love plug and play headsets that don't need base stations. Was consider getting the Odyssey+). I comp...

Oculus Quest help people with disabilities

To whom it may concern, I'm an incomplete paraplegic that uses a manual wheelchair. I've scrimpt and saved for months to be able purchase an Oculus Quest 2 with 256 GB with the elite strap with battery. I was purchasing it and was going to share it w...

INSHA ALLAH Responding to problems with oculus and meta

Unlike Facebook old meta and oculus are very difficult ,same is the case with oculus browser.@Mark you are requested to make it better the bed of the browser is dull and confusing I have been advising you since you started with the Facebook regards N...

Sankofa African American 3D Museum

Good Evening Oculus Developers We at Sankofa African American 3D Museum, have been working on a 3D museum for over a year and will be launching 4 levels of exhibits in February. We are looking to partner and collaborate with Meta in pushing our 3D mu...

Strong VR Showing at CES 2022

Really good to see some loving for VR on the isle of CES - even though the show was seriously impacted by the new variant, there was still an effort from some to present what is seen the next-gen of headsets and immersion.This is a very simple rundow...


Oculus technology as a visual aid, is that possible?

I just joined the community to inquiere about the possibility to extend your technology towards a tool for visually impaired people.Speaking for myself and for my son, I have dreamed of the day in which a combination of optics and electronics would a...

pfortiz by Level 2
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how to shovel snow

when deep,kick the shovel into the snow,throw one scoop away from the driveway at a time,dont drag the snow,start on edge of driveway,shovel outwards away from driveway,if deep,shovel half height so 2 scoops per spot,if really deep,shovel in middle o...

OpenSim is not the Metaverse

I was just curious if anyone else was as preoccupied with the notion of the Metaverse as I am and what inroads have been made to that end. I could talk about this all day and it seems to be a mild topic of conversation floating around my circle. Figu...

JCTrick by Level 3
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Online study on VR, sleep and anxiety - £25 PRIZE DRAW

Hi everyone! I’m a third year Psychology student in the UK doing a study on the association between VR gaming, sleep quality and anxiety. It will involve a few anonymous questionnaires which should take roughly 10-15 minutes to complete. I am looking...


Hey,does anyone knows whats oculus name ın stocks and ın whıch stock market we can buy ıt?

an idea for programming a chatbot

step 1. There is trauma,step 2. there is removing trauma to somewhere safe,step 3. there is no trauma.step 4. action First is step 1, you have two people who agree on what the trauma is.- trauma or suspicious problem is identified. second step, there...

i made a cryptograph program in python 3

see the video here; get the python 3 program here, its the file called "crypto";GitHub - dothehokiepokie/mystuffyouknow: my stuff here's the result: input word:word = "abcd" results: ['a1', 'b2', 'c3', 'd4']a no_letter_add...

Cyberpunk 2077 Gameplay Reveal - Looking Good

Really pumped for this game before the gameplay, and now into the stratosphere. Really cool game. Some people were hoping for a VR version but looking at all the detail etc. I doubt that is going to happen.

Resolved! a programming definition for Stupidity

in case you have a AI that has to factor in human stupidity, here is the logic for it. its written in a style i could word it in over about an hour and i decided to share it here. ///////////////// OR AND OROR switches polarity making something good ...

College and careers

I literally have only a few minutes. I am considering a career as an optical scientist and am hoping that one day i could work on either the oculus or on virtual reality systems. I don't mind going to college for 8 years but i wanted to know your guy...

Oculus DropBox Freedump

Off Topic? I might have some later, Anyone have anything rolling? Quest your Horizons! q2_v34, needs less errors, needs more apps!

Anonymous by Not applicable
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