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Motion capture: Solved. Perception Neuron didn't see this anywhere and i felt it was worth noting that it successfully puts your body and motions into here. I would even go a little farther and say "poss...

Arcade space shooter on Steam that may get VR support.

This might be a good poor man's Elite Dangerous.Seems they are remaking "SOL:Exodus" and calling it "Exodus of SOL". developers have rift kits and seem likely to add VR support. The early access on Steam is...

Achievements being lost in time

Just came across a news story from DARPA: robotic assistance to run a 4m mile. The link also lists the current official record.Now, you would think that they would look...

Gravity Touch glove

Hello everyone,I've just published an instructable in which I show how to build your own wireless glove that can be used as input device for VR games. The glove communicate through bluetooth with Android phones or computer. The device take as input t...

jobesu by Level 2
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The point VORPX crossed into the darkside since I’m seldomly perfectly satisfied with anything I do, I started to add more and more functionality until eventually I realized that I invested too much t...

Where can i get infos about when my oculus is shipped ?

Hello,I did wait a big amount of time and i start to be really impatient about when my oculus is going to be shipped (if it's going to ?)I don't really understand how it's done because i bought one before one of my friend and he already received it, ...

bobz68 by Level 2
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Your input required for a survey on VR sickness!

Hi!I am conducting a survey related to VR sickness and it would be awesome if you could please help me out by answering a few questions. It won't take long and I will be sharing the results publicly once I have a good number of responses.Thank you in...

Please help, cannot get my DK2 to power on...

Hey guys, Just received my rift on thursday and was excited to try it out, except I cannot get the display to power on. The rift is detected and I can see it in my monitor list but I cannot select it .I have tried 2 different video cards (R9 270X, an...

The Lament Configuration

This may sound weird, but does anyone have a link or the steps to solve the lament configuration? A quick search on google has not revealed anything that I could find.If you're curious, the lament configuration is the box from Hellraiser. Don't ask w...

Microsoft NEARS DEAL to buy Mojang. END OF MINECRAFT VR?

Microsoft is gearing to buy Mojang AB, makers of Minecraft for $2Billion. this deal is successful, what does it mean for VR Mods for Minecraft?Cease and Desist letters? D...

ryanyth by Level 2
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Land's End

Monument Valley creators working on a game for Gear VR:

rupy by Level 2
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Sims 3?

I know vorpx doesnt support it but do any other programs support it? Seems like something that would be perfect for dk2 you could lean in and everything your sims are doing- if you have full walls up you could look around to get a better view- make y...

hey all from canterbury uk

Hi guys, just got my dk2 but having some setup issues, im new to the rift anyhow thats for another forum, was wondering if anybody in or around my area also having one that i can chat too or get some advice help from, maybe bring it over and see if i...

qual by Level 2
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Every rifters house needs one of these

I just bought one the moment I saw it, I think its beautiful, the postage is a bit high but boy what an excellence piece to put your rift on at home studio work..If any one wanted to become a millionare, all you need to do is be able to produce some ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Am I doing something wrong? (Mac user)

I received Oculus yesterday and downloaded all necessary software for Mac OSX (Mavericks). I am able to efficiently run the demo on runtime, but am having issues running any other application. Ive checked and re-checked all cables and components and ...

Video Players for DK2, a comparison?

Hello!I hope that's the right place for this thread and there is no other one that has the same topic.At least I didn't find anything yet There are several Video-Players for the DK2.Some are free, others do cost money.WhirligigVR PlayercineveoMaxVR....

Question to Oculus Rift owners from a Google Cardboard user

As a tech nerd, I've been super excited about VR and the possibilities it has to offer, and Oculus is still king of the hill at this point. Sadly however, I haven't been fortunate enough to buy or use the Rift in either DK1 and DK2 versions.With Goog...

Xeyad by Level 2
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Nexus 5 + Durovis Dive = My Oculus Rift :)

Hi everyone, I was thinking whole 3 days how to do it... and I done it! FullHD streaming from PC to Android deviceUsing smartphone's Gyro & Accelerometer (MPU-6515 Six-Axis) directly in PC game @ 1000HzTrue HD IPS+ @ 60HzScreen Pixel Density 445 ppi...

Voice Attack - A must for every rift user

Wow, i just played Elite Dangerous with Voice Attack.. This is xxxx great!!! Also for other Rift demos or games. You can bind all Keyboard commands to your voice.. No more searching for the keys while you have your rift on Here the settings for elit...


At Saturday night some friends come over and bring there own wifi Oculus rift glasses, we connect them trough a wireless usb 3 hub and crash in the couch. My computer loads multiple virtual machines where every graphics accapter is connected to its o...

Games in the Steam VR screen

This question may have popped up already, and if so, apologies if someone has already answered it. But..When using Steam VR mode, launching games in 2D simply blanks the Rift in the standard 2D view. What I'm wondering is if there is a way, a mod per...

Getting antsy for new gear, new game

So I have been eye'ing getting Elite: Dangerous, and decided to go a bit overboard with it, like I am known for  And I wonder why I am constantly broke and eating Ramen. /sigh.So, on Friday, along with Elite: Dangerous, I am planning on getting:- 2x...

My dream of Tactile Haptic VR Gloves

Between sleeping and getting out of bed I thought through a little design for tactile haptic gloves. I thought the idea was cool and just spent the last hour trying to articulate my thoughts on virtual paper. So here it is! What do you think? Anyone ...

Jason by Level 2
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