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Cities like real life in VR. How far off are we?

How far off are we to create a city like NYC that would be indistinguishable from real life? The surface area of the NYC is 1,213sqkm which is about 1,213,000,000sqm. Well of course the world isn't flat so if we were to give volumetric shapes to ever...

Matrix is getting closer...

tuxguy by Honored Guest
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Could VR change the world?

OK but most people work at a desk on a computer. So once VR has a HD HMD and force feedback gloves you can step into your virtual office space from anywhere. Add in eye cameras and a mouth camera and your Avatar can mimic your expressions.Why should ...

Arowx by Explorer
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Should cyberspace be free or paid?

Simple question but as we could be on the brink of creating a new space for humans to exist within, should that cyberspace be free and open like the web or paid for like a game or service?PS This topic is bound to be covered elsewhere so if you know ...

Arowx by Explorer
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Do you guys kinda feel alone?

I mean this with regards to your passion about VR and the Rift.I have been a gamer/geek my whole life and have many friends from many different backgrounds that are gamers or at least tech enthusiasts of some kind. The moment I became aware of the Ri...

dead4sure by Adventurer
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Should we be building "Rift Space" a VR hub?

Just thinking we're making little islands of great VR games and experiences using a variety of technologies but is anyone working on the big VR Cyberspace experience.Basically we seem to need a way to connect the dots and move from VR space to VR spa...

Arowx by Explorer
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Space Hulk is out!

One of my all time favourite games Space Hulk is out and it was developed in the Unity engine!It's a turn based squad based tactics game, based on the "two" player board game. Where you play the squad of ill fated space marines or the endless hordes ...

Arowx by Explorer
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Where do I live

I found some video from my country and I think you should see it. It shows children living and walking and running on legs and hands like dog. is not fake.

wrymn by Honored Guest
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POV Video, how does this look with the Rift?

Hi, watching this POV Video on youtube i wonder how this look withthe Stereoscopic Player and output set to Oculus Rift? Does it work at all?Its no 3D and no Headtracking but just the POV gives a nice feeling when watchingeven on a standard 2D Monito...

Nedo by Explorer
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Automatic laser 3d modeling systems + the Oculus Rift

I did a quick google search for automatic 3d modeling and I found this'm sure it would be really expensive, and probably far off, but people keep talking about wireless Oculus Rifts and I ...

molton by Explorer
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Has your dev kit shipped yet?

Haven't seen an update in over two weeks, I figure the guys are very busy, so I just wanted to see if your order has shipped yet. If it has what was the number and was it to the US?Thanks!

My UPS tracking hasn't updated since Tuesday

East Coast here.My Rift left the UPS store in Anaheim, CA on Tuesday night, was lost in the ether, and hasn't reached any checkpoints since.Hopefully, hopefully everything is okay...

dk8p by Honored Guest
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I just go ejected from FullIndie UK over an article on VR

Hi guys, you manage to find a group of other indie game developers in your own country, you are invited to join and although you can't afford to attend their meetups at the moment your on their mailing list and private facebook page group. Where you ...

Arowx by Explorer
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This is absolutely mindboggling!

Scientists grow tiny, pea sized human brains. :shock: While I can see this for the amazing breakthrough it is, I wonder what the ethical implications are.

Will the Rift revitalize Second Life?

Second Life has been in decline for a while now, most of it is devoid of life with empty, eerily pristine and bizarre architecture. Do you think the advent of practical VR (via the Rift) has a change of revitalizing this ancient* space? Would you ret...

Chivalry On the Rift

I was just thinking :idea: that someone needs to create an Oculus mod for Chivalry: Medieval war, I know that it isn't easy but it cant be too hard since the game runs on Unreal Engine 3. It was just a thought that i would like to see become a realit...

Star Citizen

Who here has bought into the game already? I'm looking into it and am just curious to see how much of the Oculus community is there. I'm really bummed that I am only now looking into getting in on this game since it seems that I missed alot of cool e...

exzachtly by Honored Guest
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The Last Of Us

I'd write something more detailed.. But as it stands I'm 70% of the way through a life changing, once in a lifetime type of game (if you can even call it that) and I can't stop. No sleep, no rest. I'll discuss further once complete. As for the rest o...

ROLLER Coaster video?

Anyone that has their Kit want to try a roller coaster Video in steroescope nd give feedback?If there are any volunteers i have a video of the Cheetah coaster from Busch Gardens, single camera, front seat mountedregards,Mike

Next batch for US?

Following the rift order spread sheet, it seems that I just barely missed Jul 19 batch. :cry: I wonder when the next batch will be sent out. It just becomes harder and harder to wait once you know that you will get it in the next batch or so.

dk8p by Honored Guest
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Sword Art Online next season Gun Gale Online Video video's is created by me about the next sao season itheyhad 166k and 80k vieuws but it got deleted for copy...

Kirito by Honored Guest
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Please add tapatalk support to the forum

Hello,it'd be nice to have tapatalk support added to this forum (see ) to make it more acessible from mobile devices.Thanks!

sven by Protege
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IL2 Battle of Stalingrad getting Native Support!!

So hey there guys, the new IL2 combat flight sim is getting native support for the Rift. Check out this thread! have announced that they will be at Games Com s...

hooves by Honored Guest
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Castlevania: Lords of Shadow headed to PC on August 27

Well, not sure how many of you played Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow on xbox/ps3 when it came out a couple years back.... but it was literally one of the longest, most intense, best games of this entire console generation. Graphics, gameplay, story, au...

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