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Stab Up Close And Personal With Dishonored On Oculus Rift

"And so the onslaught of Oculus Rift game videos continues with another game that I'd love to play with the thing: Arkane's excellent first-person stealth game Dishonored.Here's Vaecon walking through the first fifteen minutes of the game, all in ult...

"rift" - a new word

Another definition for an old word.Don't we all have a feeling that the VR is going to be big right.Like T.V. bigLike Cell phone bigLike google bigBut is the Oculus Rift going to get the credit it deserves. If we personify it for a moment People are...

Help with FPS? its acting weird.

2.jpg1.jpglet me say, i'm not very computer savvy. I have a very basic knowledge on how computers work. but i am a OR supporter and an avid game enthusiast. so please excuse my is what im working withProcessor : Intel core i7 cpu q740 ...

Looking for partner on short notice (Europe)

I'm looking for someone willing to lend out an Oculus (or sell it) and would be able to provide a VR experience (3D building walk through) for an event taking place in June 2013 in Holland.

marvin by Honored Guest
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Spiderman Web-Slinging

I would practically lose my mind if I was able to use the Rift+Hydra and play as Spiderman webslinging through New York City... Imagine seeing through the eyes of Spiderman with the Rift and using the Hydra to point and shoot exactly where you want t...

VR Devs Public Twitter List

Hey guys--I'm putting together a public VR Devs Twitter list. Post your username/link if you want added!,Xander

DECENT 3 SOURCE CODE you can get the SDK for DESCENT 3 (D3) if anyone is interested in working on something while they await their kit.I have already started Oculus integration. Feel free to make your own. The Si...

The future

I wonder what the future will be like. Will everybody have an Oculus? Will they even be bottom of the range?  I hope not. I'm a ten year old kid, I game and stuff. My birthday is soon, but I don't have enough for an Oculus. Shame. Either way, I say ...

jackmawer by Honored Guest
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A quote on TV made me smile.

There was a TV programme on earlier to do with Repo men, and when one of them was talking to the camera, and going on about youngsters getting out and doing something, he said (approximately, this is from memory):"I don't know what it'll be like in a...

Fluke by Heroic Explorer
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Video Driver

Would it be easy enough, just to right a new video driver to make the pc recognize the Oculus as a new form of display. and convert the video for the image accordingly?I will take our generic display drivers from Rockwell and see if I can integrate t...

Hardware improvement suggestion

I wish for the next version of the Rift some improvements on the eye cups. The surface of the eye cups is completely even, no bumps nothing. I find it super super hard to turn out or in the cups. I wish that the next version of cups have some bumps i...

Userscript for Wider Forums

I'm used to forums being really wide and filling most of my screen, so the current theme here feels way too small for me. I made (read - cobbled together from various internet sources, since I don't know javascript) a userscript that changes the widt...

Dycus by Honored Guest
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Star Wars Helmet/Rift

Who else would go insane if there was a limited edition Star Wars helmet with the Rift built in?X-Wing Pilot helmet?Storm/Clone Trooper edition?Maybe even the dome piece worn by Halo's Master Chief!Boomshakalaka!

YuJingLi by Honored Guest
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Laymen Reactions

For those who have received their device already; would you be willing to put up some videos of older adults first experience with virtual reality? I'm know the rift is a hit with the tech savvy, but I'm really curious to see the typical laymen or mu...

Vicmagna by Honored Guest
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Radio Tower Sim

This scared me just watching at 360p. one of those tower workers filming with a Geonaute or other 360 camera and then a user could view the vid with an Oculus. Maybe use Spherical projection and proj...

Copy of Terraria to give away..

Not VR related, but I have a copy of Terraria in my Steam inventory to give away. It might idle away a few hours for you while you wait for your Rift (oh go on then, I'll give you a chance even if you've got yours) If you'd like it, post a reply her...

Fluke by Heroic Explorer
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Need rift now...

My Oculus Rift has not arrived yet, and I am spending more time hitting refresh on different Oculus related websites then working... Need rift now...

jebix666 by Honored Guest
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Putting a face to the name

You guys should have known this was coming... We're a brand new community on a brand new forum, so what better way to say hello then with a smile?Of course, participation is optional! If you'd like to post a picture but want some added anonymity, you...

Position in the queue and delivery orders position of Oculus

I did the pre-order of Oculus Rift. Downloaded the SDK and I studied the code. I have a great curiosity to see the Oculus. I'm no forecast of when it will be sent. There is no date, since the queue is long. It would be interesting, at least, we know ...