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There is no such thing as "there is no such thing"

Philosophy!During Pandemic 2020, I've been able to get caught up on all sorts of reading. I recently re-visted the old favorite subject of Philosophy, and came across a fun list:


Oculus should team up with Amazon to sell VR apps. They can call it oculus're welcome. 藍:hundred_points:

theis2 by Honored Guest
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New music suggestions

Would like to suggest 80’s? Bon Jovi, Boston? Eagles? .38 Special? Journey?

OC63 by Honored Guest
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how to shovel snow

when deep,kick the shovel into the snow,throw one scoop away from the driveway at a time,dont drag the snow,start on edge of driveway,shovel outwards away from driveway,if deep,shovel half height so 2 scoops per spot,if really deep,shovel in middle o...


Hey,does anyone knows whats oculus name ın stocks and ın whıch stock market we can buy ıt?

ozguravan by Honored Guest
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an idea for programming a chatbot

step 1. There is trauma,step 2. there is removing trauma to somewhere safe,step 3. there is no trauma.step 4. action First is step 1, you have two people who agree on what the trauma is.- trauma or suspicious problem is identified. second step, there...

i made a cryptograph program in python 3

see the video here; get the python 3 program here, its the file called "crypto";GitHub - dothehokiepokie/mystuffyouknow: my stuff here's the result: input word:word = "abcd" results: ['a1', 'b2', 'c3', 'd4']a no_letter_add...

Resolved! a programming definition for Stupidity

in case you have a AI that has to factor in human stupidity, here is the logic for it. its written in a style i could word it in over about an hour and i decided to share it here. ///////////////// OR AND OROR switches polarity making something good ...

Oculus DropBox Freedump

Off Topic? I might have some later, Anyone have anything rolling? Quest your Horizons! q2_v34, needs less errors, needs more apps!

Anonymous by Not applicable
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How to gain connections?

Hi, Alex again.It's been years since I posted here because there are many things that I tried doing myself when nothing is working. I tried esports. Only made it to one event and never qualified for another event again. I tried game-streaming on Twit...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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video speed technique

to learn from videos if you have movavi video editor, first slow fiveo to 50 percent, set voice to very high the highest voice setting. then save the video, then load that slowed down video into movavi and set the voice speed to high the second highe...

Valve's new SteamDeck - arriving Dec 2021

Play all your PC Steam games using a handheld device, thus Valve made a mini-PC - more info here:    Hardware: So 1280x800 in 60 fps:...

Image_from_iOS.0.jpg steam-deck-prices.jpg Steam_Deck_case.jpg Unavngivet.png
RuneSR2 by Grand Champion
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Facebook Reality Labs

which together will become as universal and essential as smartphones and personal computers are today, changing how we work, play, and connect.

Physical Fitness & Training!

I decided to start a thread to discuss all forms of physical fitness and training for anyone else who engages in this activity on a regular basis. To give some context: Back in 2016 when the Rift CV1 was released, there was a lot of debate over the p...

Zenbane by MVP
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A rant, a rant, my kingdom for a rant!

Sorry about this rant. I just need to vent. Was setting up and testing my Steam VR tracking lighthouses to see if they would allow me to use my Quest 2 without having to turn on all the lights. I think it will work, but wasn't entirely sure anymore. ...

Pixie40 by Expert Trustee
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Facebook Portal TV - Review

For anyone who hates anything related to Facebook social activity, this thread may not be for you, in which case, probably best not to read this and start moaning!For anyone else who's curious, I've just got the TV version for my elderly mum who's is...

How to edit old posts?

My account was merged , I had posts before oculus was merged with Facebook, how do I delete or edit these old posts? it seems my profile is duplicated now

Would a bigger television get me back into Pancake gaming?

I really like VR, but the lack of AAA games is making me feel I also need to get back into pancake gaming. I currently have a 42" television and I'm just wondering if I get a 55" or 65" television, if this will get me more immersed in a game like VR ...

RedRizla by Honored Visionary
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server hard drive suggestion

Hey there,I'm planning to buy a server hard drive. A friend of mine has advised me about Bitsync Digital. Can anyone please give me some review about it?Thanks

Using Oculus Logo for Products?

Hi,as seen on many other projects and products using the Oculus Rift, I would like to show the Oculus logo on my website. What are the special requirements to use the Oculu logos, like for example a DK2 lettering if your product supports or needs it?