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how to shovel snow

Rising Star

when deep,
kick the shovel into the snow,
throw one scoop away from the driveway at a time,
dont drag the snow,

start on edge of driveway,
shovel outwards away from driveway,

if deep,
shovel half height so 2 scoops per spot,

if really deep,
shovel in middle of driveway,
take many scoops to get to ground,
repeat as you move outwards.

this makes the outside really shallow eventually so it takes only one scoop,
then when the snow is really shallow you can drag the snow.


Expert Protege

Better use a snowblower.


I've never been near snow. Maybe one day, after travel gets a bit easier again.

(Australia gets snow, but nowhere near where I live)

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Expert Protege

Sometimes it rains over the snow and it turns into a crust of ice. Then you have to break first. Otherwise it is too hard to shovel.