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oculus quest 3 get $30 credit

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oculus quest 3 get $30 credit



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You may still be able to get the $30 credit! 😊

If it is within 7 days since you activated your headset, all you have to do is reset your device, use a referral link, then setup your device again.

Here are the step-by-step instructions that worked for me. At the bottom is more info about the referral program.

  1. Reset the quest device by going to the Meta Quest app -> Menu -> Devices -> Headset Settings -> Advanced Settings -> Factory Reset.

  2. From your browser, log into:


3. Click on my referral link:

And accept the referral.

4. Put on your quest headset and set up again just like before. Note that your purchases are still there, just need to re-download them to your headset again.


5. On your Meta Quest app, go to Menu -> Wallet and you should see "Store Credit: $30"



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Hope that helps!


More info about factory reset: