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Can't Enter VR in webapp: Could not create a session

Honored Guest

When developing a WebXR app for the quest 2, I host it using LiveServer Extension of VS Code and connect to the headset using Android Debug Bridge. I then open the locally hosted (LiveServer) app in the browser of the headset and encounter this issue very frequently. When I press "Enter VR" I get these errors in the console:

"Could not create a session because: Something went wrong initializing the session in the runtime"

"Uncaught (in promise) DOMException: The specified session configuration is not supported.
Promise.then (async)
n.onclick @ VRButton.js:72"

These errors happen when I press "Enter VR" at the bottom of the webpage. It only errors out intermittently, but when it does happen, it keeps happening until I restart the headset. Closing the webpage / browser doesn't help. Maybe it there was a way to force quit the browser and restart it, it would solve the issue.

Happy to provide any more information. Thank you.