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Hand animations does not work

Honored Guest

I am using XR rig with custom hands that are ready prefabs with all needed scripts and animations. They are tracked correctly on Oculus BUT when I press any key there is no animation on the hands and NO movement of any finger. It looks so cheap! This is official asset and it is not working? Can someone tell me what is going on?



Are you using the oculus CustomHandLeft/CustomHandRight? If you are, this will be pertinent, otherwise ignore.


I had a case where the hand animation was originally working and then suddenly stopped. There is a blend tree that controls the animations of the oculus hands. I found that all of the animations linked in the blend tree were not linked any longer.


It turns out they had all switched to humanoid and they should be generic.


I tried to change them back to generic so I could fix the blend tree links but Unity forces them back to humanoid animation type every time. I still haven't figured out a way to correct it. I also verified in another project where the animations still work, that the all animations should be generic.


l_hand_cap_touch_anim is the first of the animations in the series for the left hand