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Having huge problems getting OpenXR to work correctly in Unity.

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Had my quest 3 for over a month now and ive been attempting to get it to work in unity via Open XR. the issue i am having is the game simply does not launch in the headset from Playmode. I followed all tutorials on how to set it up correctly (and all of these tutorials have it working in play mode not build)


When i create a brand new project with Open XR and set it up, when i press play it does indeed launch into the headset, if i hit stop and play again i get an infiite unity loading screen in the headset but the game is actually running as i can see it on my pc screen.I turned sleep mode off the headset doesnt go to sleep.  



I get no error message or warnings.  



I gave up on it and switched over to the Meta SDK, i never oince had a single problem with that, everytime i press play it lauches straight into the headset.  



The issue with the Meta SDK is there are next to no tutorials. So im obviously gonna have to use Open XR. But i just dont understand why it only plays in the headset once.


Using Unity 2022.3.16f1


Open XR 1.9.1