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How to shift the tracked hand


I am using the integration SDK to track my hand  and I need to apply an offset to the hand.

I can successfully get the position of the hand with a Hand object from the Oculus.Interaction.Input, or a OVRHand object, but how can I set it ?


Thank you very much.


Level 4

Did you get to solve this issue?

No I couldn't set it with a c# code, the position of the tracked hand is protected and I didn't understand how to use the dataModifier explained in the doc :


So what I did to counter this :

I applied an offset on the visual of the hand, "RightHandVisual"



And then in HandPokeInteractorRight -> PokeInteractor Component, 

I applied the same offset on the PointTransform Variable



Hope this will help you,

good luck

try using position constraint, which worked for me in this case,