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Loosing tracking of a Hand Controller on Rift S

Honored Guest


In our OpenXR, UE4.27 project we are observing an occasional and seemingly random loss of tracking of one hand controller while playing in a Shipping build.  We have tried to repro without much success, the tracking loss occurs on either hand.  Furthermore the loss of tracking appears to only happen with in UE4, ie if I press the oculus button I can see both controllers are tracked in the oculus menu.  

I placed some logging into the project and have discovered that when this loss of tracking occurs for the appropriate motion tracking component calling UMotionController::GetMotionTrackingSource yields the correct value however, UMotionController::GetControllerTrackingStatus returns "Not Tracked" even though I can see them tracked in the occulus menu.  Inputs still work normally.

Has anyone else experienced this issue on the Rift S?  Any solutions to this issue?  It looks like the issue lies somewhere in engine code.