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Meta OpenXR Runtime for Linux ?


I was wondering if anyone knows internal or external Meta discussion regarding a OpenXR runtime for Linux? Alongside support for the Meta Quest Link / Oculus PC application. This would be super useful for those of us developing on Linux experiences and products that use Link/Air Link like approaches. 

Granted you can argue Linux is a niche case, and sure, it likely is for XR right now. But with the terrible changes Microsoft is making to Windows 11 (AI Spyware) among it just been a terrible OS (in my opinion) more and more people want to jump ship. And with Linux (and MacOS) getting more support for gaming it would be nice to have Meta put some resources into building a runtime that can run natively on Linux (and possibly MacOS one day). 

Now I know about Collabora's 'Monado' project, however this is mainly aimed at Valve's HMD it seems and it does it's own implementation of certain extensions within the OpenXR Spec. However as Meta has a mix of merged and (To-be-merged) extensions proposals and implementations, for things like depth, scene meshes, etc. This would not be possible to use in Moando. 

Interested to hear other dev's thoughts... For me personally as a start-up developer, as much as I love the Quest 3, I'm considering moving my product to not support it for now, so I can move to Linux or MacOS for development of my software. But this is a decision I don't take lightly given my love and hope for the Quest Ecosystem. Come on Meta, help us out here 😄