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Oculus Quest 2 Virtual Keyboard Not Interacting

Honored Guest


      we have developing the application with virtual keyboard for login purpose and using meta xr sdk,

Current behavior we are facing: keyboard is enabled but its not interactable through controller ray.

Meta XR Version - 65.0.0

Unity Version -

Virtual keyboard settings:

1. Enabled the controller ray interaction in OvrVirtiualKeyboard script.

2.Render model support - enabled in Ovr manager

3.Virtual keyboard support - supported in Ovr manager.

4.we are enabling the keyboard using showkeyboard() function.

5. Also set the current text handler for active input field.

6. we are using ray interactable for ui interaction

Please let us know for any settings we are missing for virtual keyboard with meta xr and also share example scene development with meta xr sdk.

Thanks in advance.