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OpenXR News and Feedback Thread

Retired Support

This thread is to highlight latest developments regarding Oculus and OpenXR! If you're running into any issues with OpenXR and/or have feedback to share, leave it as a comment in this thread!


Latest Update


7/23/21: Oculus opens full support for OpenXR, deprecating proprietary APIs! 


Full Support for OpenXR means that we:


  • Help developers build new applications with OpenXR via our Developer Site
  • Perform QA testing of OpenXR to ensure features are working
  • Address bugs when reported
  • Provide developers API access to new capabilities via OpenXR

A year from now (August 31, 2022), Compatibility Support for Oculus Native Mobile and PC APIs will end and they will be Unsupported. Existing applications will continue to function on Oculus devices, but our level of support will change.


Read the full details in the following blog:


Past Updates


7/23/20: As of v19, we are officially supporting OpenXR 1.0 implementation. Developers can now submit their OpenXR apps to the Oculus Store. For mobile, please use the OpenXR loader that shipped with v19 or higher. You can find the latest PC SDK version here and the latest version of the OpenXR SDK here.


Known Issues (will be fixed in future release):


    • Grip pose is misaligned.
    • Action spaces continue to track even when isActive ==
      false, which is conformant but misaligned with other runtimes. This will
      cause issues if relying on on tracking state  vs. isActive for
      rendering hands.
    • Parent interaction profile bindings are missing for
      non-natively supported profiles (everything besides the Simple, Touch, and
      XBox controller profiles).

If you have any questions regarding this release, please post them as a reply to this thread!


What does that mean for previously released apps that don't use OpenXR? Assuming they're frozen (ie: no more updates) shall we expect them to break up and stop working by 2023 or will they keep working as intended?

It would be really awful if we had to rewrite every released app from scratch.

Hi @gianfranco.damato - we've updated the blog post that I believe you are referencing ( to explain what will happen with apps that don't use OpenXR. In short these apps will keep working as intended.




What will happen to the library structure after the full migration of OpenXR?
If new features are introduced to Quest after a full OpenXR migration, how will those features be exposed to developers?
Will it be published via the Unity Integration SDK, OpenXR plugin, or any other way?

Honored Guest

Are there any estimates on when the v31 SDK will be published, giving developers access to passthrough?


Is there any hope of including some sort of QR code scanning from passthrough functionality in the OpenXR API for Quest? It would be really handy for implementing co-located experiences. As I understrand it, there is pretty much zero chance of being able to access the passthrough texture directly due to privacy concerns.

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Expert Protege

The latest Oculus Integration EU27 build is missing the "Oculus OpenXR" plugin and throws up error messages about it when you build the included VR Template.


Any clarity on why, or when it will be included? I was hoping to transition to OpenXR with the 4.27 release but it seems i'll be waiting a bit longer (?)



Starting from the the latest Oculus integration package (for Unity) v35, it says openXR is fully supported! However, I'm not able to get the hand tracking to work AT ALL in the editor. Is this a known issue?

Expert Protege

Hi, I'm just looking into starting some AR development for the Oculus platform.  Is this an old link...

Or is the Meta OpenXR implementation missing all these features that are present on both Apple and Android platforms?...

Image trackingDetect and track 2D images.
Object trackingDetect and track 3D objects.
Face trackingDetect and track human faces.
Body trackingDetect and track a human body.
Point cloudsDetect and track feature points.
MeshingGenerate meshes of the environment.
Environment probesGenerate cubemaps of the environment.
OcclusionOcclude AR content with physical objects and perform human segmentation.

Track other devices in a shared AR session.

When are these going to be available, as this is the kind of stuff that takes an AR app to the next level.  Thanks.

Hello, in Ue 5.3.2 Do dynamic spotlight shadows work as intended.
To replicate the bug just create a VR template in ue 5.3.2 and enable support dynamic spotlight shadows...
Result: On standalone Right eye is greyed out and no dynamic shadows work at all? (Forward rendeding on, instance stereo on, multiview on) Directional light work as intended...