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OpenXR News and Feedback Thread

Retired Support

This thread is to highlight latest developments regarding Oculus and OpenXR! If you're running into any issues with OpenXR and/or have feedback to share, leave it as a comment in this thread!


Latest Update


7/23/21: Oculus opens full support for OpenXR, deprecating proprietary APIs! 


Full Support for OpenXR means that we:


  • Help developers build new applications with OpenXR via our Developer Site
  • Perform QA testing of OpenXR to ensure features are working
  • Address bugs when reported
  • Provide developers API access to new capabilities via OpenXR

A year from now (August 31, 2022), Compatibility Support for Oculus Native Mobile and PC APIs will end and they will be Unsupported. Existing applications will continue to function on Oculus devices, but our level of support will change.


Read the full details in the following blog:


Past Updates


7/23/20: As of v19, we are officially supporting OpenXR 1.0 implementation. Developers can now submit their OpenXR apps to the Oculus Store. For mobile, please use the OpenXR loader that shipped with v19 or higher. You can find the latest PC SDK version here and the latest version of the OpenXR SDK here.


Known Issues (will be fixed in future release):


    • Grip pose is misaligned.
    • Action spaces continue to track even when isActive ==
      false, which is conformant but misaligned with other runtimes. This will
      cause issues if relying on on tracking state  vs. isActive for
      rendering hands.
    • Parent interaction profile bindings are missing for
      non-natively supported profiles (everything besides the Simple, Touch, and
      XBox controller profiles).

If you have any questions regarding this release, please post them as a reply to this thread!


Honored Guest
Awesome news!

So an OpenXR developed app for the Oculus Quest will also work on the Oculus Rift without changes?
Or am I wrong and it will only work on Android supported VR Headsets (which there are currently none which support also OpenXR?)?
My current goal is to study the potential of OpenXR and to check the functionalities by building a prototype app which should work on at least two different devices to confirm the technology`s capabilities/functionality.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you, thank you!

See this post:

Is this in any way related to the "Known Issues"? If not, how can I make sure the oculus team is aware?


Hi, I am finding that the grip pose position returned from OpenXR is at the tip of the controller instead of the palm like the specs say. Is this the 'grip pose is misaligned' known issue? When will it be fixed? I already updated to all the latest runtimes (Oculus CV1). This is a big barrier to cross platform code as Index and Vive return the correct position.

@koochyrat The grip pose is misaligned issue was fixed about a year ago (released in v20 or v21 afair). (FYI: This issue manifested as the aim and grip poses for Oculus PC OpenXR returning the same values - but as I say this was fixed a long time ago.)

From testing with both the PC Runtime and the Mobile Runtime, I see the grip pose is at the palm as required by the spec, and the aim pose is at the tip of the controller as allowed by the spec. Can you see the difference between the grip and aim pose? (A good visual example of this the "Grip and Aim Pose" conformance test for OpenXR runtimes:

I'm testing it in Unity via the OpenXR plugin and its ControllerSample scene in editor. The grip position exactly at the aim position at the tip of the controller, there is no difference. I reinstalled the latest runtime v28. and both Rift CV1 and Quest 2 via Link gives the same result. I also checked the OpenXR runtime is set to Oculus. This is what I am getting in the scene: 


Here are the steps to reproduce:

1) Create empty project in Unity 2020.3.4 and import the OpenXR plugin 1.0.3 in Package Manager

2) Import the OpenXR plugin's ControllerSample via Package Manager

3) Open the ControllerSample scene and press play

4) Notice the grip and aim pose axis objects are at the exact same position

5) Run the same scene using SteamVR's OpenXR runtime using Vive and Index

6) Notice the grip and aim pose objects are separate and the grip position is correctly at the palm.


Also I've submitted a ticket on this @mouse_bear 


Ok, I've just updated the OpenXR plugin to the just released 1.1.1 and this issue is fixed. It was a problem on Unity's side, not Oculus. 

Thanks for the update @koochyrat .


Does this mean that the Oculus Integration SDK will be deprecated in Unity?