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PC VR - Passthrough AirLink - OpenXR

Hi there,

I don't have much experience with OpenXR. I was wondering just briefly, is it possible to use passthrough via the OpenXR extension (XR_FB_passthrough) when using a Quest 2 Air-Linked to a PC. 

So the app will be built and running on the PC, the client HMD is the Quest 2. My issue is as the app won't be running natively on the Quest 2, can it still access the necessary camera via AirLink ? Or is it only possible to use this when developing for directly for Mobile/Android apps running on the Quest 2 directly ? 

Thank you. 



bumping this because I would also really like to be able to do this. I am working on some sim software and it would be VERY helpful to have passthrough since we have more tracked objects than controller. We could eliminate some of this if we had passthrough to just show where the button consoles are without having to track them with strapped on quest pro controllers.

Bumping again.

So, when I go to using the Quest Browser it shows "VR support detected" and "AR support detected".  Sure enough, if I select Immersive AR session passthrough works.

In my Oculus app on PC under Settings/Beta I have "Pass-through over Oculus Link" enabled but when I use Quest Link (cabled or air link) and in my browser go to that site it says AR support not detected.


Also interested to know if it is possible to use passthrough and Openxr with pcvr(link)

Any chance someone from Quest Support, a dev could come back to us on this?


Just an update, I've not had time to try this in the past year (wow its nearly a year and we got no response 😞 ) BUT I did notice the option in the Oculus PC app that lets you enable passthrough over airlink. I'm hoping could be the solution. Passthrough.PNG

Nah, tried that some time ago @NeedForLightSpeed  - I pointed that out in my comment from May actually.

You would hope with the Meta Quest 3, that passthrough would get some love and attention.

@Hiro_Protag0nist Ah, my apologies! 
Hopefully if we keep trying, who knows 🙂 


Is passthrough over airlink working well?

When I play in-editor with VR preview through AirLink with Unreal Engine 5.1,

I see a squiggly line on the border of the pass-through field of view, and a black surface is also visible beyond that line.

Every time I turn my head and look, the border disappears one beat later, and remotely rendered virtual objects are also drawn one beat later in Meta Quest 3.