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Problems with Meta Quest 2 Documentation about Building the Hello XR example

Honored Guest

I have been working through the docs to get the device started. This one makes problems:

Mobile Build Run Hello XR App 

Problem one, your replacement code for the CMakeLists.txt does not work. It needs to be


instead of just



Next, I am getting a linking error when I run "make" in the last building step. At first I noticed, cmake doesn't understand the `~` expansion in file names. Then it tells me about your "" (the one that you provide in your custom loader download) an "error adding symbols: file in wrong format". I looked into the .so library and it is Arm64 code but make will compile for amd64 architecture. The section "Build the OpenXR SDK" is very unclear of what goals it pursues and why I need to do it. I was confused first because I thought, it is only about building the example app, not the shared library and the test programs.

The file you refered to, does not explain how to only compile specific test programs. It was not clear for me how to configure what is made. So I assume, this is meant to show the "hard" way of building applications with cmake instead of with IDE.


I skipped it and went to the Android studio project and I could then build and run the Hello XR example in Android studio over the connected Meta Quest 2 after adding the externalNativeBuild ndk abiFilter. (I needed to fix the problem of openxr header files not being found. With "generate_openxr_headers" added to the externalNativeBuild cmake targets in the script, I changed the #includes to header file paths which are relative to the cpp file. I also set -DBUILD_LOADER to OFF.)

Another soar spot is, file paths in the documentation are only shown for Windows OS. (As a dual boot user who knows Windows, this is no problem for me but might be for other users.) The Android SDK is usually in ~/Android/Sdk and my JDK tools are in /opt/android-studio/jbr/bin . It seems like you only tested your documentation for Windows.

Now I am trying to find out how to make it work with Godot.

(PS: and wow, it was a hassle to register a Meta Horizon account just for giving some feedback here.)