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Unexpected Behaviour: Face/Eye Tracking is now allowed. Please enable it in the Oculus App.

Level 3

In the Meta Movement SDK for OpenXR documentation, several OpenXR extensions are detailed that can be used to enable runtime features over Oculus Link. Two of these are the Face and Eye Tracking extensions detailed here:

and here:

Eye Tracking in Movement SDK for OpenXR: Native | Oculus Developers


Both documents state that the user will get an error if they attempt to run the extension on a platform where it isn't supported, but when I run a PC app over link to access the face and eye data via runtime features, it provides the following errors:


"Left eye tracking is not allowed. Please enable it in the Oculus app."

"Right eye tracking is not allowed. Please enable it in the Oculus app."

"Face tracking is not allowed. Please enable it in the Oculus app."


There is no option to enable any of these in the Oculus app for PC, although there is an option to enable Passthrough. Presumably it would be in that section (under Beta).


Level 2

Enabling this is kinda crucial to get a few features in existing PC applications working properly. Face and eye tracking is a key  feature of the Quest Pro and being unable to properly utilize it lowers the product's overall value.

Level 3

To add to this, we’ve now got confirmation from Boz that this feature *should* be working for developers, but it does not.

Level 3

Interesting update to this, the toggles now appear in the Oculus PC app and provide a disclaimer when enabled, but apps still output the error about face/eye tracking needing to be enabled. Not sure what else is necessary to get this working, or if the toggles are non-functional for now pending another fix. Might be helpful to have documentation on this feature.

Level 5

Eye Tracking is working for me in my PC VR app over Link/AirLink using the Oculus OpenXR runtime. Here is a fork of hello_xr that can be used as a testbed for others. It runs the same exact code on PC as on Android for Quest standalone builds.

I'm using public beta channel of PC Oculus software with dev mode and other sliders for optional face / eye tracking set to true.

Body tracking XR extension is also listed on PC but returns a runtime error which would be great if Meta could fix it.