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Unity Meta OpenXR does not work well with Oculus Link

Honored Guest

We are working on a Unity MR application for the Quest 3 using the new OpenXR Meta Feature Group (Unity OpenXR: Meta | Unity OpenXR Meta | 1.0.0 (, we hereby use the XR Interaction Toolkit to create an app using hand-tracking and passthrough. We made android builds, and those work fine.


We are however running into 2 major issues

1. When using Android as the build platform, Oculus Link is not activated so we cannot test from editor

2. When using Windows as the build platform, Oculus Link works, but the eyes are extremely corss-eyed, and passthrough is not enabled (as its not available for windows).


Is there anyway to run/test the app from the editor with passthrough? Preferably using android as the build platform?


Thank you very much for any support you can provide