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Unity Split Binary Causes APK to Not Open

Level 2

I am building my game using OpenXR for the Quest 2. Everything works in editor and plays and runs fine on PC with Link Cable connected. I tried to build the full game in one apk but that was around 3.5 GB, too big to upload with adb. I was able to get a smaller build with just my menu scene working, so I know the first scene works. When I try to build with Split Application Binary, it successfully builds, gives me a 300 mb apk which i can upload to the headset, and gives me a ~3.5GB obb file. I load both onto the headset, with the obb in the correct location. But when I try to run the apk I only see the three loading dots(the loading the shows for a couple second when opening a game) on the Oculus and the app never opens. I am unsure how to fix this issue. I tried ADB Logcat and can't seem to find any error popping up. Any Suggestions