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Waist-Oriented locomotion demo

Level 4

Hi everyone, I posted a demo, with full source code, of waist-oriented locomotion on my company Twitter page, here:

twitter . com / BattleAxeVR / status / 1597478314893266944

source here:

github . com / BattleAxeVR / OpenXR-SDK-Source

Works on Android AND Link/AirLink on PC thanks to the latest Meta body tracking extension.

Works much better than head-oriented or controller-oriented locomotion, in my opinion.

Much more natural and less VR sickness too. You can look in a different direction as where you're walking. It's like having a DecaMove in software, available platform-wide for all Quests. This is a real game-changer in immersion I think. I hope you all try it and consider supporting it in your games / apps!


Level 4

Source and pre-built test APKs + hello_xr.exe for PC: