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Why does Meta restrict the planes available for objects scanned in Scene Setup?


I am using OpenXR in Unity to make my app. I am making a physics based AR app, and expected to be able to access the geometry of the objects defined in the Scene Setup in the Meta Quest 3 settings. However, it seems like when accessing the Scene Model, Meta only allows certain planes to be accessed.


For example, if I setup my scene with an AR plane manager, any object tagged as "Desk" will only be represented as the top plane of the desk, with no planes representing the sides of the desk. If an object is classified as a "bed" or "storage" or "other", it is just completed ignored when the Scene Model is accessed from the AR Plane Manager. The end result is the game will act as though these objects are not there in physical space, and physics collisions will only trigger against the walls (I also made a texture to visualize this behavior).


I looked into the documentation at and, and it just confirmed that certain objects will only give back certain planes.


As a developer, can you allow us to access all the planes of the models, no matter their label? It seems arbitrary to only allow developers access to certain planes of scanned objects in the Scene Setup.