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OpenXR News and Feedback Thread

This thread is to highlight latest developments regarding Oculus and OpenXR! If you're running into any issues with OpenXR and/or have feedback to share, leave it as a comment in this thread! Latest Update 7/23/21: Oculus opens full support for OpenX...

mouse_bear by Retired Support
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URP texture in unity

i have i problem with texture in URP material its render a glitch like broken glass , how fix it?im used quest 2 vr , unity 2021.3.19f1 >> help*

mosab1995 by Honored Guest
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This file does not belong to any project target

I was able to build and deploy (Quest 2) hello_xr from using the instructions from . However, whenever I load t...

Unable to set openxr runtime to oculus

I am developing a game using unity. I want to use hand tracking and eye tracking in that game, but I can't see the image of my hand. The PC and HMD are connected with a cable. Nothing happens when I press the circled button in the OpenXR settings wit...


PC VR - Passthrough AirLink - OpenXR

Hi there,I don't have much experience with OpenXR. I was wondering just briefly, is it possible to use passthrough via the OpenXR extension (XR_FB_passthrough) when using a Quest 2 Air-Linked to a PC. So the app will be built and running on the PC, t...

OpenXR not working

I recently bought three games on Steam to play on my Quest 2, but unfortunately, they aren't working. I try opening Steam VR and going home, but it always crashes. Then I tried to use Pavlov Vr: It works for a little then suddenly crashes every time ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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ovr_GetLoggedInUserID always return 0

const char* appID = "the-app-id";if (ovr_PlatformInitializeAndroid(appID, androidApp->activity->clazz, Env) != ovrPlatformInitialize_Success) { ALOGE("Failed to initialize Platform sdk."); exit(1);}ALOGV(" my logged in user ID is: %lu ", ovr_GetLogge...

zzzuxy by Honored Guest
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Resolved! OpenXR and Gamma Color Mode in Unity

We have a VR app we'd like to bring to Oculus platforms, and it's made in Unity using the gamma colorspace. We're finding that the OVRGradleGeneration build step reports the following: "Oculus Utilities Plugin with OpenXR only supports linear lightin...

Can't Enter VR in webapp: Could not create a session

When developing a WebXR app for the quest 2, I host it using LiveServer Extension of VS Code and connect to the headset using Android Debug Bridge. I then open the locally hosted (LiveServer) app in the browser of the headset and encounter this issue...

orrblue by Honored Guest
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OculusQuestFeature is marked obsolete

In Unity I'm receiving the warning below. I understand what it wants but I don't know where the feature was set or how to set it to MetaQuestFeature. Any ideas what I need to change?UnityEngine.XR.OpenXR.Features.OculusQuestSupport.OculusQuestFeature...

OpenXR interaction profile quirks in Unity

This is not a post about using Unity for Meta OpenXR development - more a lower-level question about how Unity's OpenXR implementation is interacting with the Meta runtime (specifically the Android/Quest runtime). Unity applies its own cross-backend ...

and490 by Honored Guest
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OpenXR + Oculus SDK (Windows) ?

Hi,I have already developed a C++ app using Oculus SDK & OpenGL and would like to add eyetracking and handtracking to it (for Meta Quest Pro using Quest/Air Link).How could I process ?1 - can I add eyetracking and handtracking extension using OpenXR ...

FOKSlab by Explorer
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sRGB/RGB giving washed out/bright image

I am implementing OpenXR support (native, C++) and I have an issue with creating/using swapchains.Doesn't matter if the swapchain is created with GL_SRGB8_ALPHA8 or GL_RGBA8, the results are almost always washed out/brighter. The only case it works f...