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OpenXR News and Feedback Thread

This thread is to highlight latest developments regarding Oculus and OpenXR! If you're running into any issues with OpenXR and/or have feedback to share, leave it as a comment in this thread! Latest Update 7/23/21: Oculus opens full support for OpenX...

mouse_bear by Retired Support
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Getting boundary points after boundary is reset

Hi!I had this all working with the legacy OVR system, but I've switched to the OpenXR backend and now it doesn't work any more. Very interested in any help, suggestions, pointers.I'm using OpenXR as the backend, and am only referencing using a built ...

Eye Tracking data

Hi- is there a way to get eye tracking data such as eye position, rotation, pupil size, etc. from a Quest Pro using Unity? I'm unsure how to get this specific data.

PC VR - Passthrough AirLink - OpenXR

Hi there,I don't have much experience with OpenXR. I was wondering just briefly, is it possible to use passthrough via the OpenXR extension (XR_FB_passthrough) when using a Quest 2 Air-Linked to a PC. So the app will be built and running on the PC, t...

OculusQuestFeature is marked obsolete

In Unity I'm receiving the warning below. I understand what it wants but I don't know where the feature was set or how to set it to MetaQuestFeature. Any ideas what I need to change?UnityEngine.XR.OpenXR.Features.OculusQuestSupport.OculusQuestFeature...

ovr_GetLoggedInUserID always return 0

const char* appID = "the-app-id";if (ovr_PlatformInitializeAndroid(appID, androidApp->activity->clazz, Env) != ovrPlatformInitialize_Success) { ALOGE("Failed to initialize Platform sdk."); exit(1);}ALOGV(" my logged in user ID is: %lu ", ovr_GetLogge...

zzzuxy by Level 2
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OpenXR hand tracking ext not available

Hello all,I've been trying to enable OpenXR hand tracking feature with Quest 2. However, I keep getting:XR_EXT_hand_tracking is not available from the OpenXR runtime or any upsteam API layer. in the logs and the hand tracking ext is nowhere among the...


Android Activities and the OpenXR SDK

when running the hello_xr example, if I even so much as add a java file (specifically an empty activity) I can no longer run the example. I'm fairly early into investigating the issue here, but I figured I would check and see if anyone had success mi...

vkCreateGraphicsPipelines() returns VK_ERROR_UNKNOWN

I've developed an application named "mirror_ball" for Quest/Quest 2 using the Oculus SDK and NDK. When I run it from the Android Studio debugger (click the right pointing green arrow) all I see on the headset is a black screen with 3 white dots. When...

jharan by Level 2
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Hand Prefab and Interaction Hands

So I initially followed the guide for hand tracking and set up the hand with the OVRHandPrefab under each hand anchors. I then followed the interaction guide which added the interaction hands into the scene. I set the left and right hands up in the s...

MJ720 by Level 2
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How to enabling taking photos and recording video?

I can record video and take photos as long as it's not on the applab but as soo as I have a draft version on applab it won't let me record video. So I guess there is a secret menu where I can change that?Or in a nutshell: how/where can I enable takin...

openXR uniform precision changed?

I'm developing a biofeedback app using openXR and openGL. That all worked very well under Linux / Android studio. Then to be able to record video I was forced to switch to Windows so installed the openXR SDK again which might be a slightly newer vers...

How To Build Hello_Xr sample with Android Version

Hi, I want to try how to write a VR APP with OpenXR SDK.I found Oculus had published OpenXR Mobile SDK:Actually, I don't know how to build hello_xr sample in OpenXR SDK for Android version.Does anyone know how to build this sample with Oculus OpenXR ...

HankCN by Level 2
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