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OpenXR News and Feedback Thread

This thread is to highlight latest developments regarding Oculus and OpenXR! If you're running into any issues with OpenXR and/or have feedback to share, leave it as a comment in this thread! Latest Update 7/23/21: Oculus opens full support for OpenX...

mouse_bear by Retired Support
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Resolved! Quest 3 Vulkan Validation Layer

Is it possible to use the vulkan validation layer on Quest 3?I've enabled the XR_EXT_DEBUG_UTILS_EXTENSION when creating the xr instance, and have created a debug callback using xrCreateDebugUtilsMessengerEXT. I tried doing the same thing in the vulk...

Resolved! Eye Tracking Suddenly Broken

I have an app that uses eye tracking via the oculus movement sdk and open XR for everything else. As of last week Wednesday the eye tracking was working properly in my scene. Today it does not. I'm prompted for permission to use it each time the app ...

Stummo by Explorer
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OpenXR passthrough using Quest Link

Hi,I was wondering if using the passthrough OpenXR extension in OpenGL we can get the color and depth textures used to apply the compositing on the final render.Using FBO before sending the textures to the swapchain I suppose the data is known (obvis...

FOKSlab by Explorer
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OculusXRInput GetNodePositionValid failing

In FOculusXRInput::GetControllerOrientationAndPosition there are two lines that check the 'validity' of a motion source ...bool bIsPositionValid = OVRP_SUCCESS(FOculusXRHMDModule::GetPluginWrapper().GetNodePositionValid(Node, &bResult)) && bResult;bo...

Hand tracking aim pose

At some point will the hand tracking cursor pose be added to Oculus' OpenXR runtime? Microsoft use the XR_MSFT_hand_interaction extension to provide some extra interaction paths including:…/input/select/value…/input/squeeze/value…/input/aim/pose…/inp...

Mystfit by Protege
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OpenXR hand tracking bug with XR_EXT_hand_tracking

The specs clearly state that:If the returned isActive is true, the runtime must return all joint locations with bothXR_SPACE_LOCATION_POSITION_VALID_BIT and XR_SPACE_LOCATION_ORIENTATION_VALID_BIT set. Although, inthis case, some joint space location...

pelouro by Honored Guest
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Meta Browser Update Flickering .mp4

Hi,Since the Browser Update from 24.May 2024, the. .mp4 video textures are flcikering live fractals, mostly white.Before the update was everything fine.i have a Meta Quest 3I restarted the VR Glasses and also deleted Browser Cache.

Oculus Quest 2 Virtual Keyboard Not Interacting

Hi, we have developing the application with virtual keyboard for login purpose and using meta xr sdk,Current behavior we are facing: keyboard is enabled but its not interactable through controller ray.Meta XR Version - 65.0.0Unity Version -

Detect occulus device in android native app

I have an app that users sideloads on their occulus devices, only issue is that it starts in portrait mode. Is there any way to detect occulus device using android sdk so i could force landscape view then?After some more research looks like all andro...

Accleremoter Sampling Frequency

Hi,For an app that I created, I was wondering what is the maximum sampling rate that I can achieve from the IMU sensors (accelerometer and gyroscope). I am currently using a native app that Meta has published hello_xr running it on Android Studio and...

csllab by Honored Guest
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Varjo VR-1 on DCS and eye tracking activation?

Hey guys!I'm the lucky owner of a Varjo VR1 and coming back to DCS right now, and to make the 80PPD work with my 3080, I'm trying to gain every FPS possible. knowing that the Varjo VR-1 has an eye tracking system in it, how can I utilize it for dynam...

tonday by Honored Guest
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Resolved! Application image

Hello, I'm trying to know how I should name and position (in the apk) the image that appears when we activate the "meta" button (Resume / Quit). Currently I found how to specify the splash image (assets/vr_splash.png) as well as the icons (res/mipmap...

mv81 by Honored Guest
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Varjo VR-1 on DCS and eye tracking activation?

I'm the lucky owner of a Varjo VR1 and coming back to DCS right now, and to make the 80PPD work with my 3080, I'm trying to gain every FPS possible. knowing that the Varjo VR-1 has an eye tracking system in it, how can I utilize it for dynamic FOV re...

gutta by Honored Guest
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Build and Run hello_xr Sample App Error

PS D:\OpenXR-SDK-Source-main\build\win64> cmake -G "Visual Studio 17 2022" -A x64 ..\..-- Selecting Windows SDK version 10.0.19041.0 to target Windows 10.0.22631.-- Enabling OpenGL support-- Could NOT find Vulkan (missing: Vulkan_LIBRARY Vulkan_INCLU...

BGBGDGD by Honored Guest
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Development of Metaverse Controller

I have developed a metaverse controller that simultaneously controls space computing devices like Quest and is compatible with controllers of all platforms, available in two types: portable and board. It features an innovative input method where touc...

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